Account Overview For New Managers: Reassignments & Upgrades

This form is reviewed by our Matching Manager whenever a reassignment takes place (i.e. when a new IM replaces current IM exiting the account), or whenever a new co-manager is added on to an account (i.e. for upgrades/increased workloads).

Please keep in mind, there are 15 extra training hours available for an account reassignment, but those hours need to be split between you (the IM training) and the Inbox Manager joining (7.5hrs each). This is because as soon as a new IM joins an account, they're also operating under the client's monthly cap, alongside current IMs.

The goal is for you to delegate more of your hours to the IM joining as quickly as possible so the hourly cap is balanced back out.

The easiest, most time-efficient way to train is for the new IM to "shadow" you during your already scheduled check-ins, so book all your calls with your new co-manager upfront (usually spanning over 1-2 weeks). Loom videos should be used as a backup when the new IM isn't able to join your scheduled check-ins in real time.