Client Cancellation Checklist

Once a client has asked to cancel, this checklist should be completed after we've attempted to retain a client, but before the client's last day.

Always try to retain the account (both by asking for the managers' feedback and by reaching out to the client directly), even if the retention results in a downgrade with limited service.

Any relevant notes about why the cancellation occurred should be added to HubSpot under the client's contact profile so that we're always building a history of cancellation reasons (in an attempt to avoid these in the future). 

When communicating with the managers on the cancelled account, it's important to never create an expectation of an unending source of incoming clients. Use this checklist as time to pause and clearly determine if this cancellation was at all caused by poor performance (before we promise either manager new hours). 

If the cancellation ended on good terms, always share InboxDone's referral program link and ask them to book a quick 5-minute testimonial call for our website. 

For instructions on how to handle cancellations due to InboxDone's mistake, refer to the IFAQ document, under "When A Client Asks To Cancel."