New Potential Hire

Please fill out this form and submit at the end of each interview. Before the call begins, add the candidate's name, email, timezone, and any questions they submitted via Calendly to the top of the form. If they have additional questions to ask at the end, give them space for 1-2 more, but always keep the interview under 30 minutes.

At the beginning of the interview, let candidates know that you have a few logistical questions and a few hypothetical questions to ask them and that interviews take about 20 minutes to complete (never more than 30 minutes). Let them know you'll be taking notes while they answer (in case they hear any typing) and that their answers will be added to their total "Application Package" that we will review as a whole to make our final decision.

Each hypothetical question has a purpose, something we are specifically seeking in each candidate so try to cover as many of those questions within the 20 minutes. If you know early on the candidate will not be a fit, do not feel obligated to fill the full 20-30 minutes. Instead, select 1-2 questions from the form to honor the person showing up, then thank them for their time. 

To manage expectations, remind them that there can often be a wait period between when they are hired and when they are assigned their first client. We know this role isn't for everybody, so if they're not comfortable being on stand-by, it's good to know that upfront.

Before submitting, select YES or NO at the top of the form so that Jeff knows whether or not to check their references.

At the end of the interview, always show a lot of appreciation for their time, reiterate that very few people make it this far, and let them know that we will email them with our decision either way, usually within one week (once we've checked their references and issued a background check).