Are you a VA looking to provide a specialist service that attracts more clients?

Do you want to offer a unique service not currently available in Australia?


Australia’s leading Email Productivity Expert Steuart Snooks has partnered with InboxDone Founder Claire Giovino to train VAs who would like to become Inbox Specialists. These skills can be used to grow your business independently, become a team member at InboxDone, or a combination of both.

This self-paced course takes approximately 10 hours to complete over 30 days at a the cost of $495 USD (or $695 AUD). This is an exciting opportunity to become one of Australia’s first Inbox Specialists and to really stand out from the VA crowd!

Revolutionise Your Inbox

As we all know, the number one frustration for most busy professionals is getting control of their email and all of its demands.

InboxDone is a thriving US-based company that trains dedicated Inbox Managers to become email optimization wizards, ready to take on even the most demanding inboxes.

These email specialists learn how to custom-build and operate a system to filter, reply to and follow up on all emails by identifying the pain points of the Business Owners and Senior Executives they work with.

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Questions? Contact: Kiia Liind

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This one-time payment includes 30 days of unlimited email support

Become An Inbox Manager

This course will be mainly digital with unlimited email support throughout the first 30 days. It will have approximately 5 hours worth of content (video and text), requiring approximately 10 hours to thoroughly complete (easily done within 30 days).

Upon graduation, you will be invited to schedule a final interview with InboxDone, although a position on the team is not guaranteed. This course will primarily prepare you to offer your new skills to your own clients at a higher rate than standard VAs.

Summary Of Content Covered During 30 Days

How To Master Concise And Nuanced Communication

How To Teach Yourself When Your Client Is Unavailable For Training

How To Master "The 3 Phases Of Inbox Optimization"

How To Achieve "Inbox Zero" Every Day

How To Create A Calendar-Based Inbox

How To Create Your Own Schedule And Establish Time Boundaries

How To Tackle A Giant Email Backlog

How To Match Any Client's Style And Tone

How To Choose A Password Manager

How To Create Follow-up Sequences

Specific Resources Included

Writing Drafts for InboxDone

The entire process for writing powerful email drafts, with the aim to eventually reply to all emails for each client

New Manager Training Library

Access to the comprehensive library of training materials each new Inbox Managers draws from

FAQs for New Managers

Answers to all the frequently asked questions from brand new Inobx Managers

Knowledge Base

Templates for creating a Knowledge Base for each of your clients, an "instructional guide" for your future self to follow


InboxDone Rules & Guidelines

A highly comprehensive list of guidelines that will keep your business running smoothly

Scheduling Parameters

A template that allows you to completely take over scheduling for a client and create a "calendar-based" inbox

VAs who are already working independently and attracting their own clients can set their own rates upon completion of the course, but can usually add an additional $5-10/hour to their standard rate with this specialization.

The number of hours an Inbox Manager works depends on the relationship built with each client and on your own schedule — you might choose to work as little as 5 hours to as much as 40 hours per week.

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Questions? Contact: Kiia LIind

Ready to sign up and save your spot in the course?

This one-time payment includes 30 days of unlimited email support