Congratulations on accepting your first client!

We receive hundreds of applications on a weekly basis and only a handful of exceptional individuals (like yourself) make it this far.

Please submit the following form and our Onboarding Manager will forward it to your work email for your records.

Here's what we're looking for during your 30-day trial period:

  • Hourly Caps — During the 30-day trial period, we will give you a clear hourly cap to adhere to for your first client. This time may increase if/when a client upgrades their plan, but in the early days, we're evaluating your output against your effort to see how you manage your time within this cap. Always let InboxDone know if you're feeling tight on time so we can discuss a plan, otherwise the client gets accustomed to an unrealistic level of output. InboxDone can only guarantee payment for hours the client has purchased, so it is crucial that you stay within your cap and communicate with us if you feel an upgrade is needed.
  • Deadlines — We set strict deadlines throughout every step of the hiring process and training period. These deadlines are non-negotiable, since the client will also have deadlines that need to be met. InboxDone (and your client) should never have to wonder when something will be finished or if/when you're working on it. If a specific deadline is not provided, you should still offer updates regardless (without us or the client having to follow up). Ex. "I'll get started with this right away and will send you updates of my progress. I'll plan to have this back to you by [deadline]."
  • Response Time — Our standard response time for emails is (minimally) a 24-hour turnaround time (minus weekends), so that always needs to be observed. However, during your trial period, quick responses (in Slack or email) are essential, since it's the first impression you're making with the client. We also want to see how responsive you are in our team channel. After the first 30-60 days, this expectation relaxes a bit and you will only be responsible for responses during your scheduled check-ins or calls with the client (unless you'd like to be more available).
  • Concise Recaps — Recaps are the main way we keep our clients in the loop and build trust (in between weekly calls). Recaps need to give the full picture (both FYIs of action you've taken and to-do items that need the client's action). The goal is to gradually shift from to-do items to more FYIs as you learn to take over more from the client. If the recaps are too long, important details can get lost in the weeds, so always keep them concise and include links to specific resources and emails inside your recap so everything is in one place for the client. Here are six examples of concise recaps.
  • Proactiveness — We're constantly looking to see whether or not you go the extra mile. For example, even if you have only 1 hour/day with your first client, we want to see if you are fully showing up to maximize that time. Are you updating us in Slack on how you're progressing with the client (without us asking)? Even better. Do you bring solutions/ideas to your meetings with the client along with your list of questions? That's what we're looking for.

About 90% of managers successfully complete their 30-day trial period. As long as you continue to show up as an A-Player, we will be celebrating your graduation soon!