Become An Inbox Manager

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About This Course

Inside these 5 modules, you will find all the building blocks needed to maintain long-term, thriving client relationships and a healthy work-life balance.


By applying each step, you are that much closer to removing the client from their inbox for good — allowing you to run things in their place with confidence.


Logging into a new inbox can feel overwhelming at the start (this is completely normal!), but by following the 3 Phases Of Inbox Optimization outlined in this course, you will find structure in the midst of chaos. Simply apply each step at a pace that aligns with the client’s preferences.


Here are some important terms to look out for as you work through this course:


  • Overview: These lessons act as a general summary of key concepts, a macro perspective of business management. 


  • How-To: These lessons dive into the nitty-gritty details through screen shares and offer a micro perspective of how to manage each inbox.


  • Example: These lessons will give you completed case studies of exactly how each step in the process was implemented, or offer an actual template that you can copy and use.


  • ID Rule:  These rules are specifically for Managers hired by InboxDone. They are created with both you and the client in mind and help keep our processes running smoothly. 


For the clearest video quality, change the settings cog in the bottom right-hand corner to “1080 p.” If subtitles help you better absorb the material, you can turn on closed captioning by clicking the “CC” icon.


At the end of the course, you’ll find a test which assesses how well you’ve absorbed the material and how you would practically apply the lessons in real-life scenarios with clients. Once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll be provided with a link to book a call with our Team Manager to go over your test results and discuss where there might be room for improvement.


Although this course will provide instructions for setting up specific inbox systems, InboxDone still relies heavily on our friends Google and Youtube for finding quick technical solutions for each client’s unique needs. External resources used regularly by our team will be listed at the end of each lesson and we encourage you to seek out tailored solutions for your client as needed.


Find a unique solution of your own? Let us know! This course is constantly evolving and new lessons are always being added, so we welcome any and all feedback.


We also recommend implementing everything you learn in this course inside your own inbox — both to practice the steps and to get your inbox into the best shape of its life.


Now let’s dive in!

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Course Structure

13 Lessons

Module 2: Organize & Optimize

In this Module, we'll wipe the slate clean and get your client to Inbox Zero in under one week. We’ll cover everything from choosing a password manager, taming giant email backlogs, conducting folder audits, and creating ultra-specific filters. Organization also gives you a chance to further familiarize yourself with the client before diving into the specifics of responding.

9 Lessons

Module 4: Outreach & Operations

Now that you’ve mastered incoming emails, we’re going to focus on outgoing emails and documentation. We’ll look at how to create follow-up sequences (or funnels) inside the inbox, how to take over tasks that fall outside the inbox, how to systematize your client's business, and how to talk to your client about upgrading their plan.
5 Lessons

Module 5: Putting It All Together

In our last Module, we'll review some internal and external resources that keep our processes running smoothly. You'll also complete a final assessment that gauges how well you've absorbed the information in this course.