Meet Our Team

Claire Giovino | Founder & CEO

"InboxDone helps busy professionals delegate daily processes so they can get back to the things they do best and value most. At our core, we help our clients (and our team) discover and maximize their unique contribution."


After an extensive career in academia, Claire began optimizing inboxes for industry leaders and launched InboxDone in 2017. She quickly scaled the business 10x in three years with zero startup capital.

Her proprietary recruitment, training and onboarding process ensures that each client is matched with a carefully-selected Inbox Manager and represented with a superior level of communication. These clients now check their inbox just once per month — or not at all!

Based in New York, Claire interviews thought leaders on her podcast (The Better Questions) and hosts her Better Question Dinners nationwide.

Yaro Starak | Founder & CMO

"Breaking free from email was one of the most important steps I made as an entrepreneur. Now I want to help spread the word about InboxDone so more entrepreneurs can experience the same freedom."

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Yaro began his entrepreneurial career at 18 years old, starting a website about a trading card game. A few years later he launched an online essay editing business, then began blogging and podcasting about entrepreneurship in 2005.

From day one, Yaro focused on freedom as his main business objective, but it became clear that the biggest reason he didn't have the kind of freedom he wanted was because of email. Email customer support, email sales followup and dealing with all the day-to-day messages that come in from newsletters, software and app notifications consumed up to five hours of his day, every day -- and it never stopped!

The more success Yaro had with his business, the more emails showed up. Because of the volume of email coming in, he couldn't provide the level of customer and sales support that he knew he should. Everything changed when Yaro hired his first email assistant, who completely took over his business inbox, unlocking the kind of freedom he always wanted.

Based in Montreal, Yaro has been spreading the word about InboxDone since the company's inception in 2017, checking his email just once per month. He continues to write, podcast and travel the world, knowing that his email is safely in the hands of his talented team.

Alex Mogavero | Hiring Manager

"Working with InboxDone has given me the freedom to build a life overseas. It is also one of the few constants in my nomadic lifestyle, which I have come to appreciate greatly."


With a B.A. in Spanish (and a concentration in English), Alex has spent most of his professional career researching, writing and teaching. He has worked as a Content Contributor for leading digital media companies throughout Latin America (in both Spanish and English).

Alex has also worked as copywriter for years and teaches English (as a second language) to all ages and levels. His cross-cultural experience has cultivated a depth of respectful and empathetic communication for every demographic of customer, allowing him to easily adapt his writing to any audience or brand voice.

Alex joined the InboxDone team in early 2018 and fully takes advantage of his remote lifestyle. He currently splits his time between New York and Buenos Aires, where he fluently communicates in multiple languages.

Julia Chantrey | Inbox Manager

"Tons of flexibility, great people to work with!"


Julia is a marketing strategist with extensive experience in direct sales and account management. Her expertise extends to sales funnel design and implementation of different retention models (depending on the client's desired outcomes).

Julia joined the InboxDone team in early 2019. Since she thrives both independently and collaboratively, Julia is able to provide her strategic perspective to a variety of inboxes and tailor her expertise to each client's unique offering.

Based in Toronto, Julia also brings her passion for the arts to her role as Inbox Manager with credentials including Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios.

Bosi Mainye | Inbox Manager

"Working for InboxDone has been amazing — I get to learn new things and the sense of community built around the team is more than anyone could hope for."


After earning her B.A. in Economics and Statistics, Bosi’s obsession with words led her to a career in content creation and communication management.

Bosi has written sales content for clients around the world by building remote relationships (with a focus on digital marketing). Her extensive experience working for clients in a range of industries allows her to adapt her voice to and style to match any client’s unique brand and messaging.

Bosi joined the InboxDone team in 2019 and is currently based in Kenya. When she’s not making magic happen inside a client’s inbox, you’ll find her head buried in a book or writing the next crazy story her mind has conjured up.

Jeff Horner | Inbox Manager

"Every day, I help clients solve problems creatively and effectively because of the skills I've been taught and the freedom I'm allowed by InboxDone."

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After earning his M.A. in Creative Writing, Jeff began tutoring English to a wide range of post-secondary students. His years of teaching communication (combined with his leadership positions in several managerial roles) have provided Jeff with the ability to reach any inbox goal by providing creative solutions.

Jeff’s skills inside the inbox include attentiveness to the nuance of client goals and customer relationships, empathetic and professional communication and the ability to mirror any writing style.

Jeff joined the InboxDone team in 2019 and currently lives in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. When he’s not transforming inboxes, Jeff enjoys hiking, movies, and trying as many local beers as possible.

Katherine Lynn | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone has allowed me to put my professional skills and knowledge to use, as well as giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base. I am able to help my clients maintain organization and productivity in their busy schedules. I have found a happy balance between family life and work through the flexibility provided by InboxDone."


After earning her B.A. in Psychology, Katherine flourished in her careers within both the health care and education sectors, which all required a high level of confidentiality, empathy and emotional intelligence. In her previous role as an Age and Disability Service Coordinator, Katherine worked daily to maintain communication with her many clients through email, phone and video conferences and was also responsible for leading her own team of staff.

Katherine joined the InboxDone team in 2020 and has proven to be a reliably organized, dedicated and independent Inbox Manager for her clients. Originally from Georgia (US), she now lives in QLD Australia with her family.

Deborah Pope | Inbox Manager

"Inbox Done has allowed me the flexibility to continue my creative passions while utilizing my writing skills to make a difference for others. Great staff & wonderful support!"


Deborah is a morning radio personality & Social Media Brand Manager for a heritage radio station in the Midwest. She joined the team in 2020 and her experience has allowed clients such as AT&T, Sleep Number & Wendy’s to trust her with representing their brands, and she can adapt to any writing style.

Deborah loves all things digital, from creating graphics to blogging, and is familiar with email marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp. She also has experience creating an online course.

Based in Indiana, Deborah is a Butler University grad who majored in Communications. She has two boys, a husband who teaches, and two dogs. She is currently writing her first book!

Jenni Raath | Inbox Manager

"The support that I have received from the team at InboxDone has been amazing! I have felt welcomed from the start and I have already learned so much. The management staff is wonderful to work with! The attention to detail and the systems in place make the onboarding process a breeze."

Jenni Raath

With over a decade of working remotely, Jenni has adapted well to her virtual surroundings and joined the InboxDone team in 2020. She has developed a bulldog mentality and works hard to make sure deadlines are met. She has worked closely as a virtual personal assistant for Managing directors and CEO's and has excellent communication skills.

Based in South Africa, Jenni has worked in many different industries and grasps new systems quickly. She has worked in the recruitment industry, marketing & the market research industry, and has run her own small business which gives her the edge to understand the value of taking care of clients and new leads.

Arman Sayedi | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone allows you to be as proactive as you like, so it's been a lot of fun being able to utilize various skillsets to help my clients. It's really rewarding to see the positive impact of your contributions!"


Arman is a highly 'user-oriented' individual with a background in Customer Service and Sales, as well as an educational background in Community Services. After working with the Australian Department of Human Services phone department, Arman became devoted to learning and implementing various aspects of online-business and the entrepreneurial journey. 

A self-proclaimed 'funnel-nerd', he has an intuitive understanding of lead generation, content writing, and the lead conversion process. Arman's appreciation and understanding of sales funnels has lead to a highly empathetic and pragmatic user-approach with an emphasis on fostering leads through good-will, value, and exceptional communication.

Arman joined our team in 2020 and lives in beautiful Western Australia. In his free time, he loves to play guitar and cruise around on his electric skateboard. 

Brandy Pan | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone relevantly provides time-saving, organization solutions and flexible, work opportunities in a virtual, global workplace."


Brandy graduated George Mason University with a B.S. in Marketing. She's worked in corporate office environments since 1996 when she started as an assistant in the hotel industry. The following year, she became a catering sales manager and has held various marketing and program manager roles in technology companies and associations. 

She's a dependable, self-starter who gets things done. She's also worked remotely for over 6 years and is proficient with Microsoft office tools, CRM tools, and WordPress.  

Brandy started with InboxDone in early 2021 and resides on the East Coast in the US. She enjoys scrapbooking photos, yoga and good tea.

Siobhan Bissell | Inbox Manager

"I love working with entrepreneurs through InboxDone, helping them manage their email more efficiently so they can grow their businesses."


With experience in television production, healthcare improvement, and entrepreneurship, Siobhan brings a wide range of skills to any project or client. Siobhan began her career as a sports producer and eventually worked her way up to staff director at the cable network TBS. After launching and operating her own stationery and gift company, she moved into Process Improvement work within pediatric healthcare.  

Siobhan has a passion for organizing, productivity and efficiency strategies, helping clients and colleagues get time back in their day with simple solutions and effective systems. Siobhan joined the team in 2020, and currently lives in the Atlanta area. 

Chipo Zhou | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone is an excellent opportunity to extend my expertise by working within different sectors. I also like the flexibility that setting my own hours gives me."


Chipo Zhou has worked in the arts industry for over 14 years and is an insightful and resourceful Project Manager with a strong background in planning and executing events, consistently managing multiple projects and priorities while actively engaging others in team-based environments.

She is well-versed in corporate communication, strategic planning, and stakeholder relationships, with a proven ability to develop and maintain partnerships with diverse organizations, ranging from the city and national government departments to foreign embassies and consulates, corporate companies as well as civil society, and international funding bodies at a high level of engagement. She joined the InboxDone team in 2021.

Currently based in Zimbabwe, Chipo is a cinephile and die-hard Marvel Cinematic Universe fan who has “itchy feet.”  When she's not working, traveling to new and unexplored destinations is her most favorite thing to do.

Jodi Doughty | Inbox Manager

"Working at InboxDone has been a game changer for me. It’s given me the opportunity to help people reach their goals and allowed me the freedom to pursue my passions."


Jodi has spent her career as an entrepreneur, combining both design and business skills. She’s worked in the ecommerce world where she honed her talents in social media, content creation and marketing. She's designed logos, graphics and artwork for various products.

Jodi has been building and nurturing client relations throughout her career and understands how to adapt to a brand's tone. Because of her experience as a business owner, she knows the importance of having a trusted and reliable support system in place.

Based in Atlanta, Jodi joined InboxDone in 2021. She spends her time designing, reading and drinking coffee.

Ariann Hamilton | Inbox Manager

"The InboxDone team has always been welcoming, energetic, and passionate about their work - encouraging me to grow from the moment I started my journey with them.  I love that my job allows me to connect with such a diverse range of people from around the world every day!"


Ariann holds a BA in Architecture, giving her a sharp eye for detail and design - she is a problem-solver with a creative mind. Her professional experience in multi-faceted architectural projects - each with its own unique complexities - makes her highly adaptable and sensitive to context.

She can easily adapt her approach to each client's needs, ensuring that her clients receive personal and specialized solutions. Ariann also has years of customer service experience behind her, and she values customer relationships as an integral part of a business's growth.

Based in South Africa, Ariann joined our team in 2021, and she has a passion for reading and creative writing.

Layne Reynolds | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone has given me the opportunity to utilize my strengths and to learn many new skills. I love that I can work anywhere and with people from interesting and diverse professions. I am also constantly blown away by how supportive and kind the team is."


After 16 years in the restaurant industry, Layne is an expert in customer service. She has a unique style, friendly personality, and a reputation for patience and clarity amid chaos.

Several years of remote work have shown that Layne thrives just as well independently as on a team. Her love of organization and problem solving have served her well in her web analysis and transcription work. She joined the InboxDone team in 2021.

Layne lives in Texas with her partner and cat. When she is not behind a computer screen, she enjoys nature photography, fitness, creating art, and learning about anything from Qi Gong to genetics.

Emma Holliday | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone has provided me with a supportive, international team and stable freelance work (and if you've ever been a freelancer, you know how hard that is to come by!)."

Emma Holiday

Emma Holliday is a freelance writer and editor based in Berlin, Germany. With a background in education, her specialty is taking complicated topics and making them accessible to a variety of audiences. This ability to adapt a message and meet people where they are makes her a strong communicator both in and out of the inbox.

She has a proofreader’s attention to detail and enjoys the challenge of matching another writer or brand’s voice. Her experiences leading teams of writers and educators have given her strong organizational skills and made her an expert collaborator. She joined the InboxDone team in 2021.

When she's not writing, you can usually find Emma reading romance novels, playing Dungeons & Dragons, or riding her bike around Berlin.

Marie Torres | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone has given me the opportunity to utilize my skills as an online marketer to help support other entrepreneurs while having the flexibility to homeschool my children and pursue my creative passions from anywhere in the world."


With degrees in Indigenous Studies and Anthropology, Marie has spent her career as an entrepreneur, writer, and digital marketer. In addition to her strong skills as a content creator (with a long history of writing persuasive email sequences and sales letters), she is a tireless researcher, has built hundreds of websites, designs graphics, and is a proficient video editor!

Marie joined the InboxDone team in 2021. She is an excellent communicator, is quick to serve the needs of her clients, and strives to exceed expectations. She is punctual and never misses a deadline!

Marie lives in Nova Scotia with her family, 14-year-old rescue dog, and various plant babies.

Michelle Valladarez Cuestas | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone has provided me with the support and culture I have always wanted in the workplace. The team support makes me feel confident that I can tackle new projects, while still making time for myself. InboxDone has also taught me skills that I can apply to my own inbox and lifestyle."

Michelle Valladerez Cuestas

Michelle is an admin wiz with a passion for customer service. She enjoys tackling tasks to help her teammates and clients lighten their load.

She has worked with small business owners and attorneys, jobs which have given her the organizational skills and eye for detail she possesses today. She joined the InboxDone team in 2021.

When she's not helping clients, she likes to garden and watch bizarre movies in beautiful North Carolina.

La-Gaye Sailsman | Inbox Manager

"Where 'company culture' and 'support' are buzzwords elsewhere, they are an implemented core value at InboxDone. Getting to work with amazing clients and a fabulous team on my time schedule has been amazing."


La-Gaye has a B.A. in English literature and over 10 years of experience as an educator, including in international classrooms. As a result, clear communication is a cornerstone both in her writing and in her professional experiences.

La-Gaye also translates her experiences overseas into a high degree of empathy in her customer service. She joined the team in 2021 and is often sought after for her ability to hold an author's authentic voice while getting very clear on the author's message.

Based in Florida, La-Gaye enjoys gardening and sharing her many stories of getting lost overseas.

Teaira Burge | Inbox Manager

"Working for InboxDone has allowed me the flexibility to pursue my dreams and goals while simultaneously helping busy professionals pursue theirs! I love getting to work with people all over the world as I learn new skills every day."


Teaira is a Virtual Assistant within the arts and education industry and a Master of Music graduate from Roosevelt University.

As a seasoned Virtual Assistant, she is bursting with the experience, skillset, and passion to manage email correspondences and calendars, plan and prepare documents, and provide answers to customer inquiries efficiently. She also has a professional background in customer service complemented with multiple roles providing excellent and a positive customer journey experience; effective communication, quality, and compliance is at the center of everything she achieves.

Teaira joined the InboxDone team in 2021. She currently works in both Chicago and Salt Lake City as a professional singer and actress.

Joe Torres | Inbox Manager

"It's pretty cool that I have the opportunity to learn many new technical skills and business systems under one single company like InboxDone. The support from the company is next level and the culture is nothing but positive!"


A self-professed utility man, Joe has taken the reins of sales, social media, customer service and copywriting which includes blog articles, autoresponder messages and web content for the companies he’s worked for. Wherever he’s needed, Joe’s ready to fill in the gaps in order for business to get done.

Joe’s resourceful nature, decisive actions and strategic thinking has served him and those who worked with him well. Now, he’s ready to take his talents and to help those ready to streamline their business for maximum success.

Joe is a people person, currently based out of Toronto. He joined the team in 2021. 

Jordan Ved | Inbox Manager

"Making the switch from a corporate career to a flexible, digitally-based role at InboxDone has been a huge game changer for me. InboxDone provides me with the structure and growth of a 'traditional' job, but allows me the freedom to learn new things and solve unique problems in new ways!"


After 5 years as an IT project manager, working with a global team of 300+ people, Jordan has become used to being the go-to person on her team. Managing a program for 23 applications simultaneously, in addition to being the team’s “marketing guru”, she has become an expert in multi-tasking and communication.

Jordan’s attention to detail and her ability to work with people in all parts of the world ensures that she can get any task done, big or small.

If she’s not out exploring a new city, you can find Jordan baking up a storm in her kitchen! Jordan joined our team in 2021 and is currently based in Eastern Europe.

Rachel Kgomotso | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone has been great thanks to the amazing people! I have access to great support while also being able to work independently while still a part of a team. I also love the flexibility which allows me to work from anywhere."

Rachel Kgomotso

From her 8+ years of experience in various positions and organizations, Rachel understands the importance of being proactive and organized.

As a Booking Agent/Virtual Assistant at Layor Imaging Edge, she coordinated communications on behalf of her client. This included negotiating contracts and prices for projects and handling enquiries from current and potential clients.

Rachel also served as the Content Analyst for NaijaPodHub where her role ranges from creating content, editing, proofreading, analysing content for the blog, to email correspondence and newsletter management. As Sales and Marketing Assistant at International Computers Ltd, she coordinated meetings, managed calendars, and handled travel arrangements.

Rachel joined the InboxDone team in 2021 and is currently based in Nigeria. She hopes to one day run her own successful business.

Charlotte Gray | Inbox Manager

"Joining InboxDone has given me the work flexibility I’d only ever dreamed of. It’s enabled me the opportunity to achieve my goals, learn daily and support entrepreneurs with their business - wins all around!"


Charlotte is an interdisciplinary creative that has utilized her skills to work internationally across customer services, marketing and social media. She possesses an affinity for writing, which has been honed by years working in community management for brands big and small.

Charlotte’s background in creative design has equipped her with a sharp eye for detail, and the ability to troubleshoot effectively. She is well versed in tailoring her output for varying audiences and her wealth of experience is evident in her communication style which is always empathetic, considered and customer centric.

Charlotte joined InboxDone in 2021, and currently resides in the UK (although she hopes to travel soon). 

Bridgette Miya | Inbox Manager

"Working at InboxDone has been life changing. I have a flexible job, a great, fun-loving and super supportive team, as well as amazing clients. I love it!"


With a BA in English and History, Bridgette has almost ten years of experience in teaching, writing and administration. Bridgette has taught English and History in various schools at both elementary and high school levels.

Bridgette has also worked as a secretary and personal assistant for schools and attorneys, and as a result, has acquired extensive skills in email management, calendar management, as well as project and social media management. She is deadline-driven and empathetic to her clients’ needs.

Bridgette lives in South Africa with her husband, and two fur babies, Butch and Cassidy. She joined InboxDone in 2021.

Quinn Walters | Inbox Manager

"I am grateful to have found such a wonderful opportunity to learn and expand my skills with InboxDone. They provide such a helpful service to driven individuals, and I am proud to develop my career as I help others grow theirs!"

Quinn Walters Profile Picture

Quinn has a variety of experience in customer-first positions. From physical retail spaces to hospitality, to online platforms, she loves the chance to adapt to whatever role she's in.

Customer and client satisfaction is Quinn's passion and she aims to leave each interaction with a goal or resolution. She flourishes in environments that are challenging, personable, and ever-changing. She's excited to learn about as many businesses and services as she can.

Quinn currently is based in New Hampshire, USA, but spends most of the year living abroad in different countries. She's using the amazing opportunity of remote work with InboxDone to travel!

Ben Zapchenk | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone has given me the stability to pursue a nomadic lifestyle, the opportunity to learn new skills, and the reward of helping empower my clients achieve their goals."

Ben Zapchenk Profile Picture

Ben has spent the majority of his career as an itinerant jack-of-all-trades with a wide range of professional experience in the United States and Morocco. He served two years as a Youth Development Specialist with the Peace Corps in Morocco, where he worked with middle school and high school students in a variety of educational settings, and four more years as an ESL educator for both Moroccan and Chinese students. During this time period he also started a food truck business with his girlfriend and business partner, catering Tex-Mex food for private events and music festivals in Marrakech.

Ben’s experience working abroad with people from all over the world translates well to his role as a virtual assistant, where clear communication and resourcefulness are of the utmost importance.

In his free time you will find Ben working on converting an old school bus into a tiny home on wheels and creating content to document the experience!

Shane Walsh | Inbox Manager

"Working for InboxDone has allowed me to travel and work whilst learning new email management skills. I am working with a great team that supports me and I am enjoying providing a valuable service to my clients daily."

Shane Walsh Profile Picture

Shane is a technician turned digital marketer with over 15 years experience. His expertise has been shown to be based around excellent customer service, strong analytical skills, a wide knowledge of technical subjects and a passion for building naturally positive relationships with the customers he serves.

Shane is a team player, using his many years working alongside other engineers to find solutions to problems whilst creating a friendly work environment. He is always willing to help out and add value.

Shane started working for InboxDone early 2022, and hails from the green pastures of Ireland. He has a passion for a more renewable, sustainable way of life. In his spare time, Shane enjoys playing guitar/singing, getting outside for exercise, meditation and self development. He is also an avid traveller.

Tara Flanagan | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone ticks every box for me - the job satisfaction of supporting my wonderful clients in growing their businesses and exceeding their goals; the flexibility to choose my own schedule with location independence; and being part of a truly supportive, passionate and talented team."

tara flanagan profile picture

With a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Tara has used her attention to detail, communication skills and pride in being organised to manage multiple engineering projects around the globe. Hanging up her hardhat, she then transitioned into the world of virtual assistance and social media management.

Not one to shy away from a challenge or try something new, Tara is passionate about finding solutions to any problem. Combine this with her creative side, her empathy and her love of writing and she is a powerhouse for email management and client satisfaction.

Currently based in Thailand, you will find Tara with her nose in a book, her toes in the sand, hiking through the jungle or diving beneath the waves.

Sara Pugh | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone has truly been a win-win scenario. I love being able to free up my client's time so they can focus on more important things, and the flexibility as an Inbox Manager allows me to spend more time focusing on what's important to me as well. Time is our most valuable resource, and I love that InboxDone gifts back time to both their clients and their team!"

sarah pugh profile image

Sara has spent 8 years working at the National Institutes of Health and has been supervising for 3 of those years. She gained valuable administrative, HR, and organizational experience working at NIH. On UpWork, she does a wide variety of tasks, such as website beta testing, data entry, proofreading and editing, and writing.

Sara has recently started a travel blog and plans to open a travel business in the near future.

Sara joined InboxDone in 2022. She is based in Maryland, but will often spend time in other countries as she loves traveling and living as a digital nomad.

Lisa Roberts | Inbox Manager

"As a college student, I couldn’t ask for a more flexible, engaging, and professional environment. At InboxDone, the entire team is amazing and supportive. I couldn’t be happier!"

Lisa Roberts

As a former International Bachelorette (IB) high school student, Lisa successfully completed several years of academically rigorous courses in a program designed to provide university-level critical thinking and research skills. She also received the coveted IB Learner Profile award, which is given to students who demonstrate a broad variety of human capacities and responsibilities beyond academic performance.

Lisa has experience managing both personal and professional email accounts. In addition, having held many leadership roles in various organizations, Lisa embraces the opportunity to work as part of a team, further developing her communication skills, and fostering her ability to motivate, teach, and inspire.

Lisa graduated from high school with Magna Cum Laude Honors and is a student at George Washington University. She is also a successful freelance video producer/editor. Lisa started working for InboxDone in the summer of 2022. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying nature in all its beauty!

Sophie Lake | Inbox Manager

"The InboxDone team is incredibly supportive, and the freedom that being an Inbox Manager allows has been amazing. It’s a rewarding role which has enabled me to continue growing and learning while being part of a global workplace."

Sophie Lake

Sophie holds a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Victoria University of Wellington, and has spent a majority of her career in the third sector.

She has utilized her organization, people-management and administration skills to support a variety of organizations, and since becoming an Inbox Manager, has continued to enable clients to reach their business goals and develop adaptive and creative solutions.

Based in Scotland, Sophie joined the InboxDone team in 2022. When she’s not working, Sophie enjoys cycling, travelling around Scotland and playing the drums.

Maria Agustina Mendizabal | Inbox Manager

"Being a part of Inbox Done has given me the freedom to continue my art studies while continuing to pursue my passion for helping people in so many ways, including setting them up to reach their goals."

Maria Agustina Mendizabal

Based in Buenos Aires, Maria joined the Inbox Done team in 2022. She has a wide background in production and logistics, as well as administrative and operations management. This experience has provided her with a great passion for organization and management.

She is fluent in English and Spanish, with great communication skills in both languages. A skill she applies to all aspects of her professional and personal endeavors.

Her studies in art curatorship and production have helped her develop a critical eye with special attention to details, as well as a great ability to adapt and creatively solve any kind of problems she may encounter. She expects to graduate in December with her BA in Art Curatorship and Cultural Industries Management and Production.

Sadye Goldfarb | Inbox Manager

"I love working for InboxDone because it allows me to use my skills and expertise to help our busy clients–all while giving me the freedom and flexibility to support my lifestyle! I have felt supported by the InboxDone team since day one, and I feel lucky to be part of such a great workplace."

Sady Goldfarb

Sadye’s educational background is in Environmental Science, and she has a lot of experience working in research–both in the field and in the lab! This analytical training taught her the importance of having an organized workspace.

Sadye also has experience working in both education and customer service, which means that she has the interpersonal skills necessary to relate to people from all over, and the ability to juggle many important tasks at once. She has lived in a few different countries throughout her professional career, and knows that kindness and organization are the keys to success wherever you go!

A native New Yorker, Sadye is currently based in Costa Rica. She works part-time as an English teacher, and enjoys playing guitar, being in nature, and crafting delicious cheese boards

Abbie Calhoun | Inbox Manager

"I've worked a lot of jobs, and InboxDone is at the top of my favorites list. Problem Solvers need freedom & flexibility to do their best work, and InboxDone gives that empowered freedom to its inbox managers, which in turn gives clients top notch problem-solvers. InboxDone makes everyone's lives better!"


Abbie has a B.A. in Intercultural Studies, which she put to work while teaching and living in East Africa and Central Asia. Along with working for several years in Higher Education Admin roles, she has also greatly enjoyed her work as a wedding coordinator and nanny.

She is passionate about helping people succeed in their goals through empathetic listening, problem solving, and creatively simple systems. She has an eye for patterns and where they break down, a knack for adaptability in communication style, and above all, values the people she is communicating with.

She currently splits her time between Minnesota and The Republic of Georgia. When she’s not working, she loves to travel with her husband, read books, nap with her cat, and play outside.

Amber Wood | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone has been a great experience because it allows me to bring my professional skills to assist my clients in achieving greater balance and flow in their lives, while also maintaining my own work-life balance. I am constantly expanding through learning, and I get to work alongside a wonderful community of other professionals that make life just a little bit sweeter!"

amber woods

With degrees in Chemistry, Criminal Justice, and Spanish, Amber was set on pursuing a fulfilling and dynamic career! Her experience spans over 15 years in healthcare, where she carried a number of responsibilities including sales, support, and leadership, with her most recent role as a Sales Executive.

She is a strong, customer-focused leader and reliable team player who works well under pressure and is comfortable engaging with all levels of an organization. She has always understood the importance of polite, professional, and thorough communication delivered with a great deal of empathy. Her experience groomed her to quickly identify customer needs, deliver high-level effective service, and provide out-of-the-box solutions.

Amber joined the InboxDone team in 2022, and she currently resides in beautiful Grecia, Costa Rica with her husband and 3 dogs. When she’s not working she is an Entrepreneur, serving as a Pregnancy Loss Practitioner to guide women through their healing journeys. She also loves reading and traveling!

Bianca Wesang | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone is a game-changer for every party involved. The unparalleled company culture of flowing support and open teamwork shines through the amazing feats we’re able to achieve for each of our clients."


With a B.A. in both Political Science and Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Bianca has developed a reputation for being well-rounded and extremely hard-working. Her time as the digital director of her university journal also developed her skills in management, creative problem-solving, proofreading, and attention to detail. She also pursued her degrees while providing five years of education and support teaching English, her time with students being the highlight of every week.

Teaching students while simultaneously being a student has taught Bianca to become an organization and optimization wizard, all through a lens of extreme empathy and care. Dedicated to the success of those around her, she brings these skills to each client, bringing back a little human touch behind the screen.

Bianca joined the InboxDone team in 2022 and currently lives in Ottawa, Canada. When she’s not supporting her clients, Bianca is enthusiastically working on her projects dedicated to bridging the gap between different people and different points of view.

Lauren Rose Molzahn | Inbox Manager

"I love the culture of learning and growth at InboxDone. The brilliant training program and welcoming team made me feel confident and supported from day one. Working alongside and supporting inspiring businesses allows you to constantly learn and grow with your clients."


After earning her B.A in Geography and Sociology, Lauren began her diverse career in Education. She has worked in university admissions, programme coordination, e-learning and teaching English in an international school. Being the first point of contact for students and academics, Lauren is an empathetic communicator with strong problem-solving skills, and has managed her fair share of busy inboxes!

In recent years, Lauren has been pursuing her passion in writing: working as a Content Writer and Copywriter in Spain, while starting her own travel blog using WordPress. Her strong writing skills, creative communication and social awareness are qualities which allow her to adapt to different audiences and support businesses with professionalism and care.

Based on the east coast of Spain, Lauren joined the InboxDone team in 2022. Outside of work, you’ll find Lauren cycling along the beach, hiking in the mountains and enjoying a rock concert or two! She enjoys visiting her family in England whenever she can, although she isn’t a huge fan of the British weather.

Beata Nyangoma Mushema | Inbox Manager

"Working at InboxDone has been an amazing experience from day 1! I've been able to work with some of the most talented and driven people from all over the world, and I've been able to help people reclaim their time and focus on what truly matters to them. It's truly a unique and fulfilling job (that doesn't even feel like a job!), and I'm grateful to have found it."

Beata Nyangoma Mushema

From clinical medicine and quality assurance to project management and M&E, Beata's diverse background has led her to work in healthcare, higher education, and non-profit industries at national and international levels. Based in sunny Tanzania (home of Mount Kilimanjaro!), she currently trains medical students in women's health and is passionate about advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights.

A self-proclaimed "efficiency machine," she has a knack for anticipating clients' needs and a talent for streamlining processes to increase productivity.

Beata joined our team at InboxDone in 2022. When she's not helping people stay organized and productive, Beata spends her time making tasty cupcakes, watching movies, and spending time with her family and two goldfish, Wanda and Vision.

Kimberly Clements | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone has given me the freedom and flexibility that I need while also giving me the opportunity to consistently learn new skills and platforms. I love the support and camaraderie that the InboxDone Team culture provides. It truly is a pleasure to be part of a team that strives to provide such exceptional quality service to our clients!"

kimberly clements

As a virtual assistant, Kimberly loves working behind the scenes, organizing, and taking care of details. She provides remote administrative support to small business owners, organizations, and solo professionals. She takes care of all of the small details so that her clients are free to focus on doing what is most important to them. Her goal is to help the client's business succeed and run as smoothly as possible.

From banking to airline travel to administrative support, she has held different careers in a variety of industries, all of which has honed her skills in customer service, flexibility, and time management.

Kimberly joined the InboxDone team in 2022 and currently lives in Georgia with her husband and five children, who always keep her on her toes. She loves spending time with her family, reading a good book, baking delicious desserts, and learning how to paint furniture.

Avery Cypress | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone gives me the opportunity to learn new skills from the other managers and use the skills that I already know to help our clients. And as a remote worker, the job’s flexibility allows me to work from anywhere in the world."

avery cypress

Earning undergraduate degrees in International Studies and Spanish, Avery has always had a wide world-view. He approaches his life with intention, which he does by paying extra attention to details and always keeping others in mind when making decisions.

Avery has an extensive customer service background. He’s obsessed with getting things done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. From answering simple phone calls to responding to lengthy emails, he keeps his focus on solving whatever problem arises, but it will always happen with quality customer service being a priority in the process.

In his free time, you can find him teaching English, playing ultimate frisbee, or exploring his new home city in Buenos Aires. He joined the InboxDone team in 2022 and is currently based in Argentina.

Julie Grec | Inbox Manager

"I love that the work I do; helping people prioritize their time allows me to do the same."

Julie Grec

Julie hails from Ontario, Canada. She joined the Inbox team in 2022. She credits her early years in customer service to her empathetic listening and problem-solving skills. Add to that years in the conference planning industry, and you’ve got an excellent communicator who is professional, proactive, and ready to tackle any project.

She is a research enthusiast, an avid reader of user documentation, loves spreadsheets, and has a penchant for solving work-related mysteries.

She loves travelling with Mr. Grec throughout Europe, especially the Swiss alps surrounded by cows, cheese and chocolate. When at home, she can be found pondering life in her English garden, chasing the bunnies away, having "garden fights" with her daughter over which flower really is the best, and logging the details of the 250+ different species they have planted together.

Hasti Amirsalari | Inbox Manager

"Working with InboxDone is incredibly rewarding: I love working with clients to create efficient systems to help make their lives a little (or a lot!) easier. Genuinely one of the most enjoyable jobs I could've hoped for."

hasti amirsalari

With a background in sales and assistant teaching, Hasti has a knack for creative problem-solving and the ability to adapt to different working styles and environments. Her work as a crisis line responder has also given her a more unique and empathetic view on communication, and the ability to respond effectively and efficiently to anything that comes her way - no matter the content.

Having immigrated to Canada with her parents at a young age, she has also experienced first-hand the value of appreciating, understanding, and adapting to others' values, beliefs, and ways of thinking. Growing up, her love for organization flourished, and so did her passion for the interdisciplinary areas of English Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, and Communication.

Hasti joined the InboxDone team in 2023, and is currently based in Vancouver, Canada. When she's not working or studying, you'll find her curled up with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee.

Stefan Vidovic | Inbox Manager

"There are good jobs, and then there are jobs like being an Inbox Manager for InboxDone. Created for today's modern and largely remote workforce, the role of Inbox Manager offers the opportunity to put individual professional skills towards meaningful and rewarding work with a variety of clients."

stefan vidovic

A recent graduate from the Glenn Gould School with a Bachelor of Music, Stefan’s greatest strength is his ability to learn quickly and take on new challenges. With a varied professional background that includes content writing, researching, editing, administrative work, book binding, opera singing, data technology and event planning, this inbox manager is a polyglot who thrives on working with clients who are interested in putting his adaptability and problem-solving mentality to work.

Friendly, reliable, and punctual, Stefan joined the InboxDone team in 2022. He previously worked remotely as a freelance editor and has had experience writing and editing in a variety of styles, including academic, creative, script, professional, and marketing copy.

Currently exploring the world as a digital nomad, Stefan is mostly based in Canada and Western Europe—but might be coming to a city near you soon.

Isabella Mori | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone’s thorough training and cheerful support for myself and my coworkers naturally inspires my work with clients. It’s easy to do your best work when you feel empowered and supported."

Isabella mori

Isabella's previous career as a frontline mental health worker means she's ridiculously resourceful. Nine years of multiple, bizarre emergencies over 12-hour night shifts will do that! She's fabulous at wrangling mayhem on the fly. Isabella is also a trained counselor. Empathy and non-judgement is how she rolls because treating all people with dignity is the right thing to do.

She's down with all the learning, especially tech, languages, and how to build out her 1988 Chevy Beauville van into a rolling home and studio. Isabella is a contemporary beadwork artist, with a piece in the permanent collection of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. She does all this in an 186 square foot tiny house on wheels.

Most crucially, she has an awesome reactive rescue dog from Qatar named Chickpea to lure her out for walks in the mossy rainforests of North Vancouver, BC. She joined the InboxDone team in 2023.

Leslie Weighill | Inbox Manager

"Working at InboxDone allows me to lend my two decades of communications experience to support busy professionals while keeping abreast of new trends in digital marketing. I'm well supported and privileged to work alongside people from all over the world. It's a win-win!"

Leslie Weighill

Leslie is a research and communications expert and freelance consultant from Canada who has lived and worked in Uganda for the last two decades. She manages all communications and market research for a successful, innovative non-profit organization that offers cultural tourism experiences in order to fund sustainable development programs in Uganda.

Her freelance and consulting work has built curriculum for a leading Canadian university, informed ethical tourism modeling for the global south, and improved a livelihood restoration plan for households affected by the construction of a major capital project in East Africa. She joined InboxDone in 2023.

Leslie is a passionate digital content creator, with recent success in short-form video content. She’s friendly, reliable, and obsessed with efficiency. When not behind her desk, Leslie can be found bombing around Uganda’s dusty backroads on her mountain bike.

Melanie Moore | Inbox Manager

“Working alongside the supportive and welcoming community at InboxDone has been an amazing experience. All of the Inbox Managers have their own unique skills and strengths, which we pool together to best serve our busy clients and their teams.”

melanie moore

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Honours Linguistics from McMaster University, Melanie worked in customer service management before starting her own business as a transcriptionist. Being self-employed, she’s become a whiz at managing all aspects of a business including fostering strong working relationships, honing her problem-solving skills, and mastering empathetic communication.

Melanie has experience working across many sectors including, but not limited to business, education, government, law, and medicine. She loves learning new things and is always on the hunt for innovative solutions to complex problems.

Melanie joined the InboxDone team in 2023 and currently lives in Ontario. When she’s not on the clock, you can find her hiking the Bruce Trail or spending time with her two cats.

Natalie Williams | Inbox Manager

“InboxDone has really hit the sweet spot for me: flexibility and efficiency without missing out on the satisfaction that I get from being part of a collaborative team environment that stretches my problem-solving muscles!”

Natalie Williams

Natalie has honed her communication skills in fundraising and non-profits, working as part of small, action-oriented teams with big stories to tell. She has a passion for bridging the gaps when stakeholders with unique knowledge sets need to work collaboratively, and is a compassionate but effective communicator.

Natalie has years of experience navigating high stakes relationships by building nuanced communication strategies. Her signature “let’s try it!” approach allows her to be both flexible and strategic, with an eye to the big picture as she keeps systems running smoothly.

After living in five different provinces with her young family, Nova Scotia won the bid for “home.” They have developed a taste for long beach days, even when the weather is decidedly Canadian! Natalie joined our team in 2023.

Lindsay Young | Inbox Manager

"One of the most beautiful experiences during my time with InboxDone has been the encouragement to find unique and creative solutions for each individual client I’ve worked with. It’s helped me understand that success is not a linear or determined path. I love how we are all co-creating with each client and striving to help their business work for them."

Lindsay Young

Lindsay has a degree in human nutrition with four years experience in the health and wellness industry. Within this space, she spent three years shooting restaurant and print food photography. Two years ago she transitioned to managing Airbnbs in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada.

She thrives in any space where creativity can enhance both productivity and enjoyment in work. She enjoys collaborating with a team on organizational skills and simplifying procedures. She is a highly perceptive communicator.

Lindsay splits her time between two cities in British Columbia, Canada where you can find her up in the mountains or on one of the many lakes in the province. She joined our team in 2023.

Angelica Laranjo | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone offers the perfect blend of schedule flexibility and job fulfillment, all while being surrounded by an exceptional team that offers unparalleled support."

Angelica Laranjo

Angelica graduated with a degree in Civil-Environmental Engineering and has applied her skills in many different industries over the past 10 years, including hospitality, construction, and telecommunications. She is an experienced Project Coordinator and has used her advanced skillset to manage projects of many different scopes and sizes. Angelica is detail-oriented and systems-focused, helping her clients increase productivity and stay organized.

She is a firm believer in lifelong learning and is always looking for the next course to take to improve or expand her skills. Her willingness to learn sets her apart and helps her adapt quickly to determine solutions to clients' problems.

Angelica joined the InboxDone team in 2023 and currently resides in Alberta, Canada with her husband and two daughters. Outside of work, you will find her spending time with her little ones, decorating cakes and cookies and playing video games.

Kaitlin Vesper | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone has allowed me the unique opportunity to explore my creative passions on a flexible schedule while being backed by an incredibly supportive team. It’s been quite easy to solve challenges quickly because everyone shares the same goal of providing the best support to our amazing clients!"

Kaitlin Vesper

Kaitlin got her degree in theatre stage management and has over 8 years of experience as a project manager and operations coordinator in a variety of different environments (including a few years as a Guinness World Records adjudicator).

She’s highly motivated, detail oriented and considers herself an organizational wizard when it comes to project management and process improvement. She enjoys supporting internal teams and customers as a subject matter expert and is driven to continuously learn new tools and systems by embracing ambiguity with a growth mindset and adaptable nature.

Kaitlin grew up in Arkansas and moved to NY over 10 years go. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her cat (August), and always enjoys a Broadway show or seeing live music in her free time. She joined the Inbox Done team in 2023

Pat O'Rourke | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone has given me the opportunity to work remotely with successful, driven, talented and creative business owners and entrepreneurs at the top of their field. I have the work/life balance I’ve always craved, and I’m supported by an epic team."

Pat O'Rourke

Hailing from Australia, Pat has a 10-year history of working with the best companies in Australian Craft Beer, but when Covid-19 hit Down Under, he pivoted to work as an administrator for the NSW Department of Transport. He is adept at all aspects of administrative tasks ranging from inbox management to diary management, data entry, calendars, scheduling and developing system processes.

He holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Business Analytics.With an adaptable, analytical and methodical approach, Patrick is passionate about finding solutions to any problem, whilst working with integrity, compassion and respect.

As a former competitive surfer, you will now find him gliding down the long waves of Pavones, Costa Rica, where he is based with his young family. He joined our team in 2023.

Jackie Walker | Inbox Manager

"InboxDone allows me the freedom to reach my personal and professional goals, giving me a rewarding occupation while attending school fulltime. It’s fulfilling to organize and connect with my clients and make welcoming connections within the company. I truly see a future here."

Jackie Walker

Jackie studies English and Creative Writing at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta with hopes to become an author. An eye for detail, a sharp memory, and self-motivated perfectionism drives her personal goals and the goal for client success.

She’s worked in a variety of customer service positions that enriched her understanding of quality assurance. She believes any service you commit to should be executed fully and professionally – cut corners leave frayed edges, after all. Her work ethic landed her two management offers at prominent Canadian chains, and her passion has garnered multiple writing awards throughout her life, one presented by the MP of her municipality.

When not staring at a computer screen, Jackie can still be found in her rural home advancing her gaming and drawing skills, and praying for a longer summer. However, though Canadian winters are dark and cold, they’re perfect for engrossing herself in a firelit novel, her five cats and two dogs strewn near the warm stones of the hearth. She joined InboxDone in 2023.

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