Inbox Done Review: Rozella White, Owner of RHW Consulting LLC

Email overload often plagues busy coaches and consultants that are trying to navigate complex schedules and deliver services to clients.

Fortunately, with the right systems in place, coaches and consultants can overcome email overload and pour their attention into providing exceptional client services.

InboxDone can work directly with consultants and coaches to develop and implement email management systems for your business.

Let’s break down Rozella White’s experience using InboxDone for email management.

Straight off the bat, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Rozella White is a “love big” coach who helps individuals and organizations navigate life.
  • Before partnering with InboxDone, Rozella spent all her work week in her inbox.
  • Rozella can now go for long stretches of time without checking her inbox.
  • After an 18-month partnership, Rozella plans to continue working with InboxDone.

Email Overload Solved: How Rozella White Overcame Inbox Chaos With InboxDone

Before working with InboxDone, Rozella struggled to manage her email and calendar. She felt isolated as a solopreneur and did not have robust operating procedures in place. Rozella knew that she was doing important work as a coach, but her behind-the-scenes systems were holding her back from reaching her full potential and providing truly exceptional levels of service.

InboxDone Worked With Rozella To Implement An Email Management System

With regular team meetings and a focus on building trust, Rose has developed a strong relationship with her virtual assistants over the past 18 months. As a result, Rozella’s inbox is now well-organized and managed daily by the virtual executive assistants. This has enabled Rozella to step away from inbox duties and focus on her coaching work.

She even removed email from her phone, a step she never thought she would take. InboxDone’s virtual executive assistants managed to inspire a high level of trust and provide Rozella with the safety net she needed to remove herself from daily email management and solely focus on high-value tasks that can shape and influence client experiences.

Rozella Can Grow Her Coaching Business Without Cluttering Her Inbox

Rozella encourages other coaches who are hesitant about working with a virtual assistant to push past their fears and insecurities. With a smooth handover process, business owners like Rozella can achieve more balanced schedules and pour more time into delivering for clients. Coaches can break free from limiting beliefs and mindsets, allowing them to scale and grow.

A Continued Partnership For Success

With a tidy inbox and a clear system in place to handle all incoming communication, Rozella can focus her time on delivering incredible coaching services for her clients. If you are running a coaching or consultant business and struggle to juggle keeping up with a never-ending influx of emails, InboxDone can help take a weight off your shoulders with some trained VAs.

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