Email Management Strategy: Why Summit Solar Uses InboxDone [Case Study]

An effective email management strategy can help founders use their time more strategically and ensure stakeholders receive rapid responses to prevent bottlenecks and support productivity.

Are your slow email responses getting in the way of team productivity? You should consider using an email management service like InboxDone.

Let’s break down Summit Solar’s experience using InboxDone for email management.

Straight off the bat, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Summit Solar was founded in 2016 by Eric Israelsen and Dallin Maw.
  • The business is using InboxDone’s email management service.
  • InboxDone helped the founder regain control of their inbox.

Founded in 2016 by Eric Israelsen and Dallin Maw, Summit Solar is a rapidly expanding solar installation enterprise situated in the Northeastern United States, dedicated to assisting families and businesses in adopting solar power.

This transition not only reduces their carbon footprint but also generates significant savings. Focusing on both residential and commercial projects, Summit Solar has experienced impressive growth, securing a position on the prestigious Inc. 5,000 list.

Email Management Strategy: How Summit Solar’s Founder Overcame Email Overload With InboxDone

As the company expanded, so did the volume of emails. Eric found himself buried in emails, which made focusing on people and business strategy increasingly difficult. The constant stress from the unmanageable inbox began to draw his attention away from the other demands of running a solar business that is rapidly expanding through organic growth.

Since leveraging InboxDone’s virtual executive assistants for email management, Eric has regained control of his inbox. With one less task on his plate, Eric can now pour his focus into other aspects of his business and leave his inbox in the hands of two skilled VAs that know exactly how to respond to time-sensitive queries from both internal and external stakeholders.

InboxDone Worked With Summit Solar’s Founder To Craft An Email Management Strategy

Initially, frequent touch bases with InboxDone VAs were required to learn how to respond to business-specific queries. Over time, Eric became increasingly confident in the InboxDone team’s ability to handle a diverse range of incoming queries. InboxDone is efficiently managing email communication and providing seamless support to Summit Solar’s co-founder.

Effective Email Management Strategies Give Founders One Less Thing To Worry About

Due to Summit Solar’s rapid growth, our email management services have not necessarily equated to more free time for Eric. However, working with InboxDone has certainly given Eric one less thing to worry about on a daily basis. Many founders have to put email communication on the back burner while they deal with other time-sensitive issues and tasks.

When team members need your approval to move forward with specific tasks or require your feedback to inform their decision-making, slow email responses can lead to bottlenecks in workflows and bring your business to a grinding halt. Founders like Eric recognize the importance of “cloning” themselves and utilizing the support of trained VAs.

Summit Solar’s Co-Founder Can Grow The Business Without Fear Of Cluttering His Inbox

The benefits of working with InboxDone’s virtual executive assistants extend beyond the workday. Eric can now enjoy vacations without the looming stress of a cluttered inbox waiting for him when he returns. The efficient management of his email communication by InboxDone is designed to support the future growth of the business and eliminate potential bottlenecks.

A Continued Partnership For Success

With a focus on residential and commercial solar projects, and a strong partnership with InboxDone for efficient email management, Summit Solar is poised for continued growth and success. You can learn more about Summit Solar by visiting their website.

Are you curious about how InboxDone can support your business with an effective email management strategy? Whether you are a founder or a senior executive, InboxDone has developed the necessary infrastructure to systematically reply to your emails with appropriate responses to internal and external stakeholders. Sound impossible? We’ve cracked the code.

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