Hire A Social Media Virtual Assistant To Manage Your Social Content And Reply To Messages For You


A day in the life of the modern small business owner focused on social media as a key marketing channel can quickly become exhausting.

Here’s just a partial list of what needs to be done to make social media work for your business:

Create new content to post on major platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook (including groups, pages, and profiles)

Take existing long form content (podcasts, videos, blog articles) and editing into smaller pieces of content (repurposing) for sharing on social media

Stay on top of all the questions from followers and those looking to purchase products or services

Replying to all your direct messages on social platforms

Deleting spam comments, including all the ‘trolls’ leaving comments on your paid ads on social media

As a business owner who manages social media alone, you may feel like you're missing out on opportunities, struggling to keep up with a posting schedule, wasting time creating ads that receive minimal engagement or spam/snarky comments, and failing to keep up with all of the responses and comments coming in every day.

The result? Social media can end up having a limited impact on your business and a more detrimental impact on your overall health and wellness. 

You may feel like you’re constantly falling behind, offering poor customer service, and never quite getting ahead of your competition. 

This is why it’s important for small business owners to enlist the help of a social media virtual assistant.

Social Media Is Critical, But It's Also A Monster That Needs Constant Feeding

For most small businesses, social media is a top channel to find new customers.

Social media provides a platform to show your prospective customers exactly what you do and how you could add value to their lives.

It's also a valuable tool to show the world that your company is staying current and keeping up with the times. After all, social media is where people spend much of their time online today and you have to go where the audience is to find your customers.

The problem? Every year ushers in the release of new platforms you have to learn, algorithmic changes you have to adapt to, and new features you have to take advantage of as they trend, like stories, IGTV, shorts, and beyond. 

As success is achieved in your social media strategy and your presence grows, you face a major obstacle: trying to cope with increased engagement

You need to interact with your audience to keep them engaged with your business. However, keeping a dialogue open with every person is impossible as you’re only one business owner. 

What are you supposed to do? If you want to keep customers engaged and satisfied, you’re going to need to hire a social media virtual assistant.


What If You Can't Afford To Hire A Full-Time Social Media Manager?

Save Money By Hiring Virtual Assistants

You probably already know you need help with social media, but what you may not know is that there are many types of help available. You can start without spending crazy amounts of money.

While you may end up bringing on full-time social media specialists in the future, hiring a social media manager to deal with engagement is costly – and may be overkill for what you need today. 

If you just need someone to keep up with your followers and DMs, make connections, repurpose your existing content and keep spam away, you can hire a part-time social media virtual assistant

A part-time social media virtual assistant gives you full control of how many hours they dedicate to your social media, which tasks they focus on, and which platforms they should manage. 

You can start small and delegate more tasks to them over time – and not just social media tasks. They can handle your email, calendar, research, invoicing and data entry, and so much more.

What Can Virtual Assistants Do For You

Here are some of the tasks InboxDone social media virtual assistants can do for you:

Reply to comments left on posts, including paid ad campaigns you run on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok.

Follow with people on social media who show interest in your products and services to turn them into paying customers

Craft a social media content calendar so every day all your channels have fresh content and are not neglected

Reply to all direct messages and delete spam, whether they come through on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social application

Protect you from time wasters who ask question after question but have no intention to ever become a paying customer

Handle all the snarky trolls who post rude comments and replies, but do so with a friendly customer service style

Re-post and repurpose content, so you create it once and it's share across all your social channels

Set up and manage social media tools to help streamline and automate management of your social profiles

While we may begin by helping you with social media engagement, our InboxDone assistants are trained to develop new systems and processes to help you gain back time.

They can also manage your email, schedule your calendar, handle customer support, do data entry, invoicing, book travel, conduct research, and so much more.

Paid Ad Spam Comments: Let Us Handle Them

Spending money to run ads on social media is great for exposure, but will often attract spam and snarky comments that can make a bad first impression on potential customers and followers.

Every day, your assistants can review all your paid ad units, check for spam comments, delete them if necessary, or reply to them in a friendly and customer-service centric style, meaning you never have to worry about this annoying task again.

Why InboxDone Assistants Are The Best Choice For Social Media Support

Every business owner or influencer who finds themselves overwhelmed with social media needs top communicators to help them handle their digital interactions.

You can't just hire any low-cost virtual assistant - you will end up spending more time fixing their errors or trying to train them to learn the subtleties of social media communication.

This is why InboxDone virtual assistants are an excellent choice for business owners who need support with social media engagement. Here is what makes InboxDone different:

Two Assistants For Every Client: As an InboxDone client we will assign you two dedicated assistants from our team as soon as you sign up with us. We offer you redundancy right from the start. 

We do this because as you may have experienced before, working with virtual assistants can be painful when they fail to show up for work, or suddenly quit, leaving all their tasks back on your to-do list. 

By having two people trained to handle your social media, even if one needs time off, or decides to stop being an assistant, your other assistant can fill in so there are no gaps in service, and can train the replacement second assistant.

Handover Process: Our dedicated handover process is designed to carefully manage the introduction of our assistants to your company.

Our social media virtual assistants become acquainted with your systems, adopt your voice/brand style and approach to social media engagement, and gradually take over over a period of a month or longer. This process can't and should not be rushed.

10-Step Hiring Process: Our 10-step hiring process is extensive because we know when it comes to handling social media, you need top communicators with attention detail and the emotional empathy to handle confrontation.

Those who make it to the end of our hiring process have demonstrated the qualities we look for when handling the highly personal interactions that occur when managing email and social media.

When you enlist the help of InboxDone executive virtual assistants you’re working with a team of top talent dedicated to offering you comprehensive support to manage your social media inbox, your email inbox, and beyond. 

How To Get Started


Book your discovery call so we can learn more about your social media needs and other areas of your business we can support.


We match you with two assistants who learn how to manage your social media inbox, profiles, pages and groups, and adopt your voice and approach. 


Your assistants take over for you, keeping you informed of critical updates, while you are free to focus on other aspects of your business and personal life!

Hear What Others Have to Say About InboxDone

Here are some comments from clients who have used InboxDone assistants to help streamline their business and simplify their lives.

Marcus van Enk, Founder: Kontrol4.com

Marcus’s SaaS company offers a powerful solution for construction companies in need of a data custodian. But with the growing success and staff changeovers came an influx of work that Markus had to tackle.

Marcus wanted to outsource lead generation, internal communication, and customer service to someone else to bolster his company and allow him to focus on other internal projects. 

InboxDone allowed Marcus to let go of these tasks and ensure that he had all the support he needed to foster new customer relationships and streamline the sales process and follow-ups.


“… You realize the answers are still getting out there and it’s a reflection of the answer that you would have given. It helps to release the burden of the inbox that’s constantly growing… Effectively we’ve been able to position our business for growth. It’s been a great restructure. With that growth will come with more opportunity for freedom.”

Joanna Penn, Founder: TheCreativePenn.com

Joanna Penn of TheCreativePenn.com has managed to outsource almost every aspect of her business over its 10 years of operation. However, one thing she found herself unable to outsource was her inbox. As she explains:

“In order to look after the people who are in my community and who also pay my bills, I realized that although I had created a life of financial freedom, I had not created that time freedom and mindset freedom.”

With the support of InboxDone’s social media virtual assistants, Joanna was able to regain control of her own life and time. 


"I’ve stopped worrying so much. I feel like the transition is really happening. I don’t have any trust issues. I’m able to let go more and more. I had got to the point… where I was spending three hours a day… answering the same question over and over. You have to ask yourself, what else could you be doing with that time?… Every month that goes by, I’m realizing I feel happier."

InboxDone Social Media Virtual Assistant FAQs

Q1. How much does it cost?

We offer different month-to-month subscription plans so you can find the plan that’s the best fit for your business. These subscriptions run anywhere from $895 per month to $2,995+ per month. All clients begin the first month on the Standard Plan ($1,795) when they get started with InboxDone.

You can learn more about our pricing here

Q2. Can you create new social content from scratch?

Our assistants are not able to write original content from scratch, however they can curate and combine, or sample from your existing content to create new content.

For example, you can ask your assistants to take your latest podcast interview or blog article and take sample quotes from it to share on your social media channels as fresh posts.

Q3. How do I interact with my InboxDone social media assistants?

Whether you use Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, SMS or email to communicate, you can get in touch with your social media virtual assistants using your preferred method of communication. We can also help you develop new systems for communication if you’re looking to increase your efficiency. 

Q4. How can I be sure my assistants understand my business well enough to represent it on social media?

Our dedicated handover process that all new clients must complete, ensures that we thoroughly understand your business and operations to act on your behalf. 

No matter how long this may take, we guarantee that you’re matched with professionals from our team who can adopt your voice, brand tone, and approach on social media to emulate your own interactions with customers.

Q5. How does diversity play a role at InboxDone?

Here at InboxDone, we pride ourselves on having a diverse team of people from all different backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity company, and diversity extends from the clients that we work with to the talent that we hire. With all different types of people all over the world working for InboxDone, you can easily find someone who understands you, your business, and your social media needs. 

You can learn more about our diverse team on our About page.

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