Inbox Done Review: Marcus van Enk Founder of

Client: Marcus van Enk, Kontrol4

Focus: Marcus runs a SaaS company Kontrol4, which solves the problem of data collection and management for construction companies. Most of those companies have a problem getting data to and from the field, and Marcus’ company acts as a data custodian for them. 

What Life Was Like Before InboxDone

Kontrol4 grew rapidly and was undergoing staff changeovers. As a result, there was an influx of workload coming to Marcus, the CEO.

Marcus knew that, in order to grow, they had to strategize their growing number of incoming queries. Lead generation, internal communication and customer service, were all critical areas of opportunity that they were looking to delegate to the right person. 

Their head of marketing at the time recommended an automation tool for email and sales workflow. That was when Marcus first found InboxDone.

How An Inbox Manager Changed Marcus’ Life

Once you start to feel like you can take your hands off those emails, it’s a little bit confronting. But you realize the answers are still getting out there and it’s a reflection of the answer that you would have given. It helps to release the burden of the inbox that’s constantly growing.

When Marcus started working with his email assistant, Kevin, his team had a sales process in place. They were working with primarily inbound leads and were looking for a way to streamline follow up.

That first touchpoint is super critical in making sure you’ve made a connection,” said Marcus.

Kevin was an expert in sales and started to structure emails and create a customer experience that was very positive for their inbound prospects with his first touchpoint. 

Kevin started to structure the queries in a way that improved the customer experience and provided insight that improved their sales process. His process looked like: 

  • Categorizing the emails as they came in
  • Moving them through a staged process
  • Doing a regular touchpoint over a period of time until the prospect was exhausted or a meeting had to be set.
  • If a meeting had to be set, he would rearrange Marcus’s calendar to accommodate the call.

According to Marcus, working with his inbox manager has led to an increase in customer traction and new deals. It’s helped with getting initial consultations and information prior to the consultation to make it go more smoothly. The process has been refined so that no time is wasted. 

“I can go straight into a demo with full confidence that the customer is going to understand what it is we’re talking about.”

Now that the administrative work has been securely delegated, Marcus has more time to spend working on business and team strategy. Marcus noted that, for him, administrative tasks are not the right use of his time. It takes away from his ability to see the business from a high level and strategize. 

Change Your Life With Your Own Inbox Manager

Effectively we’ve been able to position our business for growth. It’s been a great restructure. With that growth will come with more opportunity for freedom,” said Marcus. 

As a fast-growing startup, Marcus needed someone who knew how to structure an email and communicate his brand effectively. Kevin met that need and gave him the confidence to know his business was under control. 

If you are a founder who is looking to transition out of tasks that prevent you from growing your business, it might be time to consider partnering with someone to give you that same confidence. You can apply to delegate your email to an assistant here.