Hire A Virtual Executive Assistant And Get Your Life Back


As a founder or a leader in your organization, you’re responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly. The problem that most CEOs, executives and leaders face is that this entails taking care of low-level tasks that rob you of your time. 

Does your life consist of taking care of non-essential tasks such as: 

Communicating via email with prospective clients and business partners

Planning out and scheduling meetings

Sending invoices

Conducting basic research and drafting outlines for marketing content

Scheduling posts for social media

Dealing with customer support

Chasing down new leads

And so on...

This endless cycle of managing low-level tasks results in you returning to work each day drained and burned out, never quite getting to the bigger projects or necessary tasks that your role demands. 

Beyond the impact that this has on your professional life and work schedule, you have to deal with the consequences it has on your personal life as well. 

As you keep having to pile tasks onto your to-do list, your days become longer, requiring you to miss out on family time and crucial items in your schedule like leisurely lunch breaks or going to the gym. 

What If You Didn’t Have To Manage These Tasks By Yourself?

Now, imagine what you could do if you have an extra two to four hours per day without these tasks weighing you down. 

You’d have more time to dedicate to the things that truly matter, like the exciting projects you have planned for your business, or making time to spend with your family. You could even plan time off from work or pursue a passion project with all of the extra time available.

To some professionals, this may sound like a pipe dream. But the truth is that the above is more than attainable. How? You can make this your reality by making the decision to hire a virtual executive assistant. 

With the support of personal assistants, you can delegate these low-level tasks to an experienced professional and focus on what you do best. 

What Is A Virtual Executive Assistant?

A virtual executive assistant is a remotely-based professional who handles administrative tasks that pull you away from your crucial executive tasks. 

Virtual personal assistants are a much better option for founders than hiring a full-time, in-house assistant for a number of reasons. These remote workers cost far less than onboarding your own full-time employees, operate virtually in your timezone, and are already trained to take over your email, calendar, and more. 

They’re also entirely dedicated to you and become part of your company, operating around 10 to 20 hours per week to handle the same tasks you would as efficiently as you do. No matter how much or how little work you need done, you can delegate any and all tasks to them as needed. 

You can easily communicate via platforms like Slack and WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or via phone calls (whatever your preferred method may be) to share progress and ask any questions they may need clarification on. 

Put simply, a virtual executive assistant acts as another you so you can dedicate your time to the ideas and work that powers your business. 


How Can A Virtual Executive Assistant Support You?

Virtual personal assistants are trained to handle the exhaustive lists of tasks you currently manage yourself. As such, you can expect to unburden yourself of numerous items on your to-do list. Some key services a virtual executive assistant can help you with include: 

Reply to emails

Monitoring and responding to emails throughout the day takes up a lot of time. A virtual email assistant can monitor incoming emails throughout the day and respond in your voice, so you can break away from your inbox and focus on growing your business.

Fill out forms

Beyond data entry, a personal assistant can help you fill out and file/send any important forms for your business or personal purposes. 

Data entry, invoicing and finance tasks

From invoices to data entry, you can delegate all of these time-consuming tasks to your dedicated personal assistant.

Schedule and prepare for appointments

Scheduling meetings and preparing for them takes a lot of time. Luckily, a virtual scheduling assistant can easily manage your calendar for you, and help prepare the information you need for every appointment. 

Compile basic research and reports

Whether you’re conducting competitor research, marketing research, or creating a report for your social media analytics, you can delegate all these to your personal assistant and more. 

Book flights and accomodations

Do you need to make travel arrangements for an important business conference or meeting? Let our assistants manage your flight bookings and hotel reservations for you. 

Find the best prices on things you need to purchase

Buying new items for your business or beyond requires careful research as you compare prices and deals. Leave this tedious work to your virtual executive assistant instead!

Provide instructions/content for other team members

Items like brief guides and meeting instructions can be created and distributed by your virtual assistant to your team members. This is another way to help you save time in your schedule. 

Reply to social media/community forums

Engaging with social media followers and answering their questions is key to a good customer experience. By perfecting your voice, a virtual assistant can check social media throughout the day and manage these responses on your behalf. 

Set up meetings with important clients, investors and team members

Need to set up a meeting with clients or team members? Send all the necessary contact information to your assistant and they’ll take care of the rest.  

Create tasks in Trello, Asana, Basecamp and other task management software

Our virtual executive assistants are trained to work with whatever task management software you have established in your business. If you need to create a task for yourself or your employees, you can rely on them to create it for you. 

Follow-up with prospects

Follow-up is crucial to retaining and converting prospects. Your virtual personal assistants are trained to deliver dynamic and consistent follow-ups to help grow your business.

Provide customer support

If you find yourself drowning in support tickets, you can hand these to your virtual assistants to reply to and bring the backlog down to inbox zero.

Chasing up overdue payments

If you have outstanding invoices that still haven’t been paid, don’t worry, your virtual personal assistants will follow-up on these overdue payments for you!

What Makes InboxDone Virtual Executive Assistants Different?

There’s a reason why business leaders rely on our virtual personal assistants to manage their administrative work. Some of the key differences between InboxDone and other companies include: 

We Assign Two Virtual Executive Assistants For Every Client (Including You!)

Unlike other virtual staffing solutions, all InboxDone clients are assigned two virtual executive assistants from day one.

Why? With two personal assistants we eliminate the potential for there to be any lapse in service should something happen to one of your virtual assistants. 

Turnover is a pain when it comes to virtual staff. The constant need to re-hire and re-train is the biggest complaint clients come to us with. We built a system to solves this problem.

With two executive assistants, they both learn how to support you, so they can back each other up when it's time for a holiday or sick leave. If one of them moves on, the other can train their replacement.

Our two-assistant system means you never have to worry about recruitment or training once we are integrated into your business and life.


We Identify Unique Talent Through Our Comprehensive 10-Step Hiring Process

Our comprehensive 10-step hiring process puts applicants through a written application, a video response, a bio and background check, an interview, a references check, LastPass training to protect your passwords and other sensitive data, a training email assignment, and an online training course before we connect them with you.

You can learn more about our 10-step hiring process here. 

Our Carefully Managed Handover Process Makes You Feel Comfortable Letting Go

To help you feel comfortable delegating tasks to your assistants, we have developed a proprietary system over the last 10 years that we call the handover process. This process consists of three parts.

The Cleanup, where we organize your inboxes, optimize your scheduling system (calendar management), deal with your backlog of urgent tasks and familiarize ourselves with your routines.

The Integration, where we become part of your team, completing more complex tasks, build systems, and deliberately work to remove you from processes so you gain back time.

Ongoing delegation, which begins once you feel comfortable that we have taken over all your core email, calendar, research, data entry and admin tasks. We look for additional ways to integrate into your life. The sky is the limit - you can hand over to us as much as you like!

You can learn more about the handover process here.


How To Get Started With InboxDone

Getting started with InboxDone is as simple as these three steps.

Discovery Call

Book a discovery call with us so we can learn more about what you do, what you need support with, and whether or not our service would be a good fit with your organization. 

Matched With Two Assistants

We match you with two dedicated virtual executive assistants to manage your tasks, regardless of what kind of help you require. If you need more support, we can provide more assistants.

You Get Your Time Back

Your assistants go to work learning about you and your role, building systems to handle all the tasks you delegate to them. They become part of your team and you communicate directly with them.

Discover What Satisfied InboxDone Clients Have To Say

Learning what past clients have had to say speaks volumes about a service. Here are a few testimonials that will show you the level of care and dedication we have for those who rely on our InboxDone virtual personal assistants. 

Lynda Artesani, Founder: Artesani Accounting

Lynda provides specialized accounting services for law firms, which means that her inbox was often flooded with emails. This was a constant distraction that often interrupted her busy workdays. 

Lynda responded by reaching out to a general virtual assistant as a means to manage her communications more effectively. The problem? Miscommunication between her and her new assistant only complicated matters. As she explains:


“They (the assistant) came up with the idea of creating a bunch of different email inboxes, one per client, which I affectionately called the place where emails go to die. There was a bunch of stuff in there that I never ever looked at.”

With the help of InboxDone, Lynda was finally able to break away from her inbox and other systems while her expert Inbox Managers managed these systems and communications. About her experience, she states:

“The one thing I really appreciated [about] working with them, was that they started in the beginning by diving into my email and found things I forgot to answer or forgot to put on my calendar, and they helped me get those things done.

And they’re not just covering my email. They’re working in my (Microsoft) Teams folders. They’re working in my platform Liscio. So there’s a lot of places that they’re actually monitoring for me.

I’ve started to work on those projects that I just never had time for that are pretty important but I’ve always pushed aside.

I’ve been working on courses. I’m making courses to teach accountants how to work in the legal industry and I just never had the time to do it.”

Kyle Chittock, Owner: Bolton e-Bikes

Before InboxDone, Kyle was overwhelmed with managing his InboxDone and providing his customers with the level of support that he wanted to provide.

His business activities were butting into his daily life, causing challenges for him as he sought to maintain a balance between work and home life. 

With the support of his InboxDone assistant Jessica, he saw immediate results. Kyle states: 


“She’s bringing back good customer service, answering the way that I would want things answered, and my customers have noticed. I would not have been able to handle [my growth] without Jessica. Now, I work at work, and when I’m at home, I can spend time with my family.”

InboxDone Virtual Executive Assistant FAQs

Do you have any questions we haven’t answered so far in this guide? If so, here are a few FAQs that may clarify these questions for you. 

Q. What's the difference between InboxDone and other virtual assistant services? 

Unlike other virtual assistant services, we are focused on values like superior communication, attention to detail and emotional empathy. We don't hire cheap overseas labour, we pay our team above market rates and value diversity as an asset.

We also assign two assistants to every client, which is unique to InboxDone.

Q. Who should consider hiring an executive assistant?

Whether you’re a CEO, C-suite executive, or another type of busy professional who’s spending way too much time on low-level tasks in your business, an executive assistant can help you reclaim your time and energy to focus on essential aspects of business and life.

Q. How long does it take to get the anticipated results from my virtual executive assistant? 

From the day you are matched with your two assistants, you will immediately start to feel their impact as they work to take over tasks.

Most clients report feeling the full impact of our support after three months in, once they become comfortable delegating to us. You should view this is a continual process in which our executive assistants grow with you over time.

Q. How much of my own time is needed to train my executive assistant?

During the initial handover period we will require a few hours each week to work out the nuances of the tasks you delegate to your assistants. 

We like to use a batch-processing system, where we can leave you all the questions we have for you, then you can answer in a scheduled block of time. 

Your assistants are flexible, so if you want to interact and receive updates frequently, they can do so, or they can focus on removing you from all procedures so you are free to focus on other growth activities.

Q. What happens if you don’t get along with your executive assistant?

We match you with assistants based on criteria like communication style, availability and if possible, some kind of interest or experience with your industry. While in most cases this results in a long term mutually beneficial relationship, if you feel one or both of your assistants are not working out, we can match you with other people from our team.

Q. How much does it cost?

We offer subscription plans that provide varying amounts of time to meet whatever needs you have.

The majority of InboxDone clients pay anywhere between $1,195 and $2,995+ (USD) per month. Subscription plans are offered on a month-to-month basis, which you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel any month.

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