InboxDone Review: Kathy Broady Founder Of Discussing Dissociation

Client: Kathy Broady, DiscussingDissociation

Focus: Kathy is a clinical social worker who has run a mental health blog for the last 9 years. She works specifically with people who have dissociative identity disorder, common in child abuse survivors.

What Life Was Like Before Inbox Done

Due to the nature of her work, Kathy’s inbox was full of:

  • Service requests
  • Comments from her blog that come through as an email
  • Notifications from software vendors
  • Junk mail
  • Personal emails
  • Client emails
  • Replies to her newsletter
  • Questions about how to sign up

“When I would get up in the morning it was an automatic overwhelm. By the end of the day, you’re exhausted and you still have to take phone calls and do shopping. I would be working on emails every time I sat down at the computer, from morning until night. It was nonstop.”

Before Kathy came on as a client of InboxDone, she did not have the time, energy or resources to manage the thousands of emails in her inbox that never stopped coming. 

Kathy felt the weight of her inbox, in addition to empathy for her clients, and none of it could be ignored. She had extremely high standards for herself and the way she handled the sensitive nature of the requests in her inbox.

As a result, other relationships she tried to build to help with email fell through due to complication. To honor the confidentiality of her patients and subscribers, there was a high risk of working with a stranger from a freelance site. Complicated payment structures gave Kathy even more to balance, on top of her inbox. 

How An Inbox Done Manager Changed Kathy’s Life

Kathy had established trust with our founders and knew the difference an Inbox Manager had made in Yaro’s life.  She had a consultation with Claire and shared the different kinds of emails she got. Claire immediately understood how things were being organized and got a sense for the nature of the inbox. Claire then set up filters so that emails were automatically sent to the appropriate folder. 

After this initial consultation and ongoing inbox management, Kathy’s inbox is now 100% more organized. She no longer carries the emotional weight of an unanswered email. Kathy can trust that every single person who emailed her would get the response they needed, and it is a major distinction for her. 

Because of work with Inbox Done, Kathy reports being able to focus her energy on her own products and writing.

When you’re feeling overwhelm, you can’t be productive or creative,” she said. Kathy now has the capability to create things that for months, she didn’t have the energy for. 

“It’s worth it to me as a person. I’ve been in this business for 30 years and in private practice since 1992. This is the first time in all those years that I have had someone at the front door. All this time, I’ve worn all these hats by myself and it tanked my business. The emotional weight is lifted.”

Change Your Life With An Inbox Manager

Kathy’s story is unique but her struggles to manage her inbox are not. The emotional weight of a cluttered and incessant inbox can prevent you from doing meaningful work. 

Handing over your inbox to the right person can free your time, and your mind, to focus on the work that will drive your business and your life. 

Learn more about how to get started with your own inbox manager and change your life by booking a discovery call with us