Hire An Email Management Virtual Assistant To Free You From Replying To Emails All Day Long


Does this scenario seem familiar?

The first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning is roll over and check your phone. You then spend a couple of hours going through all of the most essential communications and begin your workday.

The majority of the afternoon is spent continuously returning to your inbox to make sure that you’re not missing any messages from clients, customers or colleagues, which pulls your attention from projects that demand your full focus.

At night, there’s still no reprieve from your inbox as pings and notifications draw your attention back to your messages, regardless of whether you’re still 'on the clock'. 

If you could summarize your day in one word, it would be “email”. 

We here at InboxDone understand just how much time and energy goes into maintaining your inbox and handling all of the communication that keeps your business functioning optimally. As a business owner, CEO or manager, you probably feel:

Stressed: Email today can feel like a never-ending to-do list of tasks and correspondences. In fact, you may feel pressured to get back to senders as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out on potential opportunities. Despite its use as a tool for communication, email’s evolution has resulted in it becoming a source of stress rather than an efficient tool.

Overwhelmed: Is your inbox always packed? You’re not alone. Running your own business often means trying to clear out an inbox that has become bloated with messages, some of which are important and others that may be spam. Being faced with mountains of emails will naturally evoke such a response. 

Scattered: Feeling like you don’t have enough time in the day to get to all of your emails is only natural if you manage a mid-sized company. If email is a priority in your business (as it generally is), it may be pulling you away from other essential business tasks or leaving your schedule looking hectic and mismanaged.

Let’s face it: there has to be a better way to manage your email without letting it overwhelm you or prevent you from being the productive manager that you know you can be. The good news? There is!

Does your inbox have you spelling out S.O.S? If so, the first step toward freedom begins with enlisting the help of an email virtual assistant. 

If you’re ready to change the way you deal with emails, let’s get started!

The Role Of Email Management In Your Business

As with any aspect of your business, having a stringent system for the evaluation, response, and organization of your emails is crucial to ensuring that your operations run smoothly. 

With that said, the issue that many business owners face is that they often tackle their inboxes on their own time. This can lead to a wide variety of problems that ultimately impact every area of the company. 

First, you have the time-consuming task of filtering through every communication to determine whether or not it’s an email you need to take action on. Once you’ve narrowed your inbox down to the pressing items, you then have to begin the process of responding to each of these emails and, hopefully, getting your inbox down to zero. 

As stated above, this can be quite overwhelming for many working professionals who need to allocate their time wisely in order to effectively manage their business. 

However, email isn’t something that you have to tackle alone. With the support of an email virtual assistant, you can achieve your email management goals without ever having to deal with it yourself. 


How Can An Email Virtual Assistant Support You?

An email assistant is dedicated to streamlining your email management needs. Rather than having to sort through your inbox and respond to every urgent email yourself, an email virtual assistant steps in to get the job done for you. 

With their support, you can effortlessly maintain communication with clients and customers, stay on top of any critical updates or developments, and more without having to dive into your inbox yourself. 

Put simply, this means that you have more time to focus on the things that matter most to you!

Why Choose InboxDone For Your Email Management Needs

InboxDone is the email concierge service you never knew you needed! As your dedicated email management provider, we offer comprehensive email assistant services to help you maintain your time and peace of mind while we take care of the process of sorting through and responding to your emails. 

Here at InboxDone, you can expect to receive the following when you enlist the help of our email virtual assistants: 

Responses to Your Emails: We take the time to carefully research and craft thoughtful responses utilizing your tone and style to establish meaningful communications with clients and customers in your inbox. With initial guidance from you regarding your typical responses and which emails demand a response, you’re one step away from automated email management!

Help Desk Customer Support: Business inquiries are relatively easy to handle. But if you’re a business that has hundreds or thousands of customer support tickets coming in, responding to each of these in a timely manner can feel impossible. We work with you to act as your customer support representatives and answer any questions or concerns senders may have.

Lead Follow-Ups: Discovering leads from within your inbox and maintaining communication with them is an essential yet time-consuming process. We take initiative by engaging in proactive research to identify potential customers and regularly follow up with them. You can rest assured you are not missing out on any potential new opportunities. 

System Development for Email Handling: Have you yet to implement systems for email management? If so, we can work with you to develop SOPs and create parameters for how you organize and respond to emails. 

Social Media Messaging: Social media direct message communications, plus replies to posts and paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, is another area of business operations that can be time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, you will find that we offer support for social media replies as well. 

And Beyond: We also manage other crucial activities like calendar management, compiling newsletters, coordinating with your team, data entry, task management, and more

With our support, we can help you streamline your email management needs, marketing processes, and more to help you achieve greater freedom in your business.

Working With InboxDone: Your Dedicated Email Management Service

An email virtual assistant from InboxDone goes above and beyond to offer you the email management support that you need to help your business thrive.

But how do you get started with InboxDone? 







Schedule Your Discovery Call: Once you’re ready to start the process of onboarding an email assistant, simply schedule your discovery call with us so that we can learn more about your business, challenges, and how we can best support your needs.


We Carefully Match You With Two Email Management Specialists: InboxDone has a 10-Step recruiting, vetting, testing and training process before we hire any assistant. We will match you with two of our amazing assistants, who you will work with directly.


Your Email Assistants Will Carefully Take Over Your Inboxes: We know how personal and private your email and social media inboxes are. Your assistants will take the time necessary to learn about you, your role, your communication style and how best to work with you.

Why Two Email Assistants?

If you've used other assistant services you've probably been annoyed by turnover, assistants disappearing, or interruption because your assistant needs a break. We assign you TWO dedicated email virtual assistants so you always have coverage -- even when one needs time away, your service from us doesn't stop.

How To Carefully Handover Your Email To An Assistant

We understand that the process of delegating crucial communications and support to someone outside of your organization requires a certain level of trust and experience. 

After all, you may be reluctant to let a stranger dive into your inbox and begin handling sensitive and critical correspondences. Privacy and security are vital to our clients, and they’re just as important to us as well. 

InboxDone helps you develop greater trust with your dedicated Inbox Managers through something that we call the handover process

When your assistants are first assigned to you, they will carefully begin a process to learn about you, your role, what messages you deal with each day and how you currently reply to them. We will learn from your actions and allow you to slowly delegate what you feel most comfortable with over time until you’re sure that your assigned email virtual assistants can do the job perfectly. 

The handover process goes like this: 


The Clean Up: During the first weeks we work with you to organize your inboxes, start tackling your backlog of emails and other tasks, learn more about systems that you currently have in place, and gain insight into how you currently reply to messages. 


Take Over Replies: After a few weeks of clean up, next your assistants apply our system for carefully taking over replying to your messages. This process allows you to monitor and critique our responses, and help you to get comfortable with the idea of your assistants replying to your messages instead of you.


Systems And Optimization: Your email assistants will create folders, filters, templates, reminders, SOPs (documentation) to streamline the entire operation of your inboxes and associated tasks. If you've never felt organized and automated before, this part of the process will really amaze you!


What Tools We Use

Knowing what tools and services we use to achieve your email management goals is a necessary part of enlisting our help. 


Gmail/Outlook: In regards to the email services that we are familiar with, almost all of our clients use Gmail or Outlook. However, we can use any email client that you’re signed up with and accustomed to using. 

YesWare: We recommend using YesWare, which is an all-in-one sales toolkit (a plug-in app for Gmail/Outlook) that we love and leverage for better control over email templates and reminders. 


NordVPN: To further enhance your online privacy and safety, we pay for and use NordVPN for all clients. This adds an extra layer of privacy when we access your email and online services.

Lastpass: Continuing our focus on security and privacy, we use Lastpass (or another password manager of choice) so that our Inbox Managers never see your passwords. Our assistants log into your email account directly and act like “email receptionists”, organizing your emails and replying from your inbox. 


Some other tools that you may decide to incorporate into your email management strategy include Unroll.me, Sanebox, Superhuman, Sparkmail, just to name a few. 

Put simply, we can work with any software you currently rely on and integrate some of the best tools you may have not yet tried as needed!

The Difference An InboxDone Email Assistant Can Make For You

Interested in learning how InboxDone has helped other business owners? Let’s dive into a few real-life examples of InboxDone email management used to support professionals like you. 

Christie Pitts, General Partner, and
Chacho Valdez, Principal of Backstage Capital


“Initially it would feel funny. It wasn’t an issue of skepticism, it was getting used to having someone help you in that way. So much of email is translating thoughts in your head into words. Now, I’m able to respond more consistently in a more timely manner, and things are moving more efficiently through the inbox.”

Before InboxDone: For Christie Pitts and Chaco Valdez from Backstage Capital, their inbox served as a never-ending to-do list that overwhelmed them with information. As they said: 

“At any given point in time, more work could come in [to the inbox] and it would just pile up and pile up.”

After InboxDone: With the support of our expert email virtual assistants, Backstage Capital was able to reduce the mental stress that they felt from their overfilled inboxes so that they could turn their attention to other areas of their business.

Chacho Valdez

“Where I trusted [my inbox manager] the most was giving me ideas for how to organize and have control of things, so that way I don’t have to have my email open 24/7 while I’m working. I find myself closing my inbox more these days.”

Marcus van Enk, Founder of Kontrol4.com

Before InboxDone: Kontrol4 was a construction data collection and management company that was scaling rapidly. Marcus knew that the only way to do this efficiently was to better handle incoming queries, lead generation, and internal communication in the face of staff changeovers and other scaling challenges.

After InboxDone: With the support of InboxDone, Marcus was able to effectively manage communications with new leads and scale his company successfully.


“Once you start to feel like you can take your hands off those emails, it’s a little bit confronting. But you realize the answers are still getting out there and it’s a reflection of the answer that you would have given. It helps to release the burden of the inbox that’s constantly growing.”

FAQs: Learn More About Email Management

Is there anything you wish to know that hasn’t been addressed above? Let’s dive into a few FAQs that will help you learn more about how InboxDone can support you.

Q. How Much Support Do I Receive From My Email Virtual Assistants?

Our email services cover your inbox management needs for five days a week and for as many hours as you need to cover all your email and admin tasks. Most of our clients find two hours per day is enough coverage to bring you down to 'Inbox Zero' every day, but our tailored subscription plans can scale to whatever amount of help you need.

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Use InboxDone?

The subscription plan that you choose depends on the individual needs of your business. Our current individual InboxDone clients pay between $1,195 and $4,995 (USD) per month. Subscription plans are month-to-month with no long term contract and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. 

Q. How Do You Determine Who I Work With?

Through our discovery call and matching process, we match you with the best dedicated email assistants based on your needs. All of our assistants undergo an extensive vetting and internal training process, including an in-house course we created specifically to train email assistants to ensure that you’re matched with talent who can handle your needs.

Q. Do You Only Respond To Emails?

Absolutely not! Other services include lead follow-up, social media comment management and direct message replies, calendar scheduling, invoicing, data entry, booking travel and hotels, basic research and compiling content. Although email management is our speciality, we offer your business the comprehensive support you need to automate all of your time-consuming essentials. See our full list of services.

Q. What Types Of Emails Are Inbox Managers Trained To Handle?

Whether you’re looking to produce quality email responses to clients, leads, customers, colleagues, contractors, or family and friends, our email assistants can handle all of your response needs. 

We deal with routine replies to common emails such as "where do I find this resource?" (for example) as well as more complex questions specific to your industry.

When it comes to managing your inbox, we can handle tasks ranging from responding to client questions, sales queries from potential customers, internal-communication with other staff members, and even communicating with family and friends (such as sending birthday party invites or best wishes) if we manage your personal emails.

No matter what you need, InboxDone is here to offer you the comprehensive support you deserve!

Q. Can You Work With Tools I Already Use?

Many businesses have already integrated other platforms to streamline their operations. Some of the most popular include Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Monday, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, ClickFunnels, Kalviyo and Salesforce, just to name a few. No matter which integrations you have already set up, we will work with you to manage all integrations or even integrate new ones. 


Get Started With InboxDone!

Email management is essential, but the amount of time and stress you spend on it is not.

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