The InboxDone Experience: Kyle (Bolton e-Bikes) And Jessica (Inbox Manager) Explain The Benefits Of Breaking Free From Email

Handing over your inbox for someone else to reply to your emails can be a scary idea.

As a business owner, your inbox is your lifeline to your clients, partners and vendors. But, once you let go of this part of your business, amazing things can happen.

We at InboxDone believe that handing over your email to a trusted inbox manager is the key to your business’s growth. 

Kyle of Bolton e-Bikes explains what it’s like having Jessica, an Inbox Manager, handle his inbox, and why it has led to growth he never could have foreseen. 

My Customers Have Noticed A Difference

She’s bringing back good customer service, answering the way that I would want things answered, and my customers have noticed.

Customer service is the last thing a small business should take lightly. Being accessible in the way your customers need you to be can make or break your business. 

By bringing in someone like Jessica, your customer service requests are handled immediately, and accurately. 

Our client Kyle even noted that customers can’t tell the difference between him and Jessica – and that customers often come into the shop looking for Jessica, even though she works remotely and only stepped into his shop to shoot this video and meet Kyle in person for the first time! 

I Felt Like I Got A Piece Of My Life Back

Now, I work at work, and when I’m at home, I can spend time with my family.

Finding alignment between work life and home life is perhaps most challenging for small business owners. You might relate to a constant pull into your inbox, wondering if an email has arrived in the five minutes you didn’t check it, or missed a notification that requires your immediate attention. 

The ability to let go of this cognitive load can change the way you separate your work and your life. You can put all your energy into growing your business when you choose to work, and give your full energy to your family and friends when you choose not to work.

The fear of missing an email or notification is gone. 

She Has Doubled What I Can Do

I would not have been able to handle [my growth] without Jessica.

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in your email inbox? 

After a 30-day training period, our managers can take email off your plate completely. If you wanted, you’d never have to check it again. 

What comes into your inbox is managed, and what goes out of your inbox is handled. This gives you the gift of time to accomplish what you previously didn’t have time for. 

Want To Get Started With Your Own Inbox Manager?

If you want to focus less on your inbox and more on growing your business, you can apply for your own “Jessica” here