InboxDone Review: Katie Dillon, Owner and Editor-in-Chief at

A robust email management system can help business owners use their time more strategically and ensure they never miss out on any opportunities that land in their inboxes.

If your slow email responses are standing in the way of business development, you should consider using an email management service like InboxDone.

Let’s break down Katie Dillon’s experience using InboxDone for email management.

Straight off the bat, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Katie Dillon runs an online travel business called La Jolla Mom.
  • Before partnering with InboxDone, she had over 100,000 unread emails in her inbox.
  • This led to email overload and resulted in several missed business opportunities.

Email Management System: How Katie Dillon Overcame Inbox Overload With InboxDone

Katie runs a luxury travel and lifestyle website that helps readers plan vacations to San Diego, Hong Kong, London and major cities worldwide. With no shortage of organic website leads, she received a constant stream of emails, many of which went unread. The sheer volume of emails made it nearly impossible for her to manage her inbox, causing her to miss crucial emails.

InboxDone Worked With Katie To Develop An Email Management System

When Katie found InboxDone via Google, she decided to give it a try. With two dedicated InboxDone assistants on her team, they began tackling the colossal task of sorting through her email backlog. Over the course of several months, her assistants cleaned up her inbox, archiving unnecessary emails and implementing a new filing system for easy access.

Katie Can Continue Growing The Business Without Fear Of Cluttering Her Inbox

Now, Katie’s inbox is under control, with just around 100 emails remaining. Our virtual executive assistants not only helped her organize her email, but also implemented a star system to flag important messages for her, ensuring that she never misses critical emails. With Katie’s inbox radically simplified, Katie has experienced several benefits, including:

Less stress from incoming emails

Having a clean and organized inbox has all but eliminated the stress of emails for Katie, who no longer dreads logging on and facing an overwhelming number of unread messages.

Peace of mind even during peak seasons

InboxDone’s virtual assistants monitor and flag important emails as they land in Katie’s inbox, giving her peace of mind, even during busy periods when email volume is high.

More time to focus on high-value tasks

With her email under control, Katie can now focus on other aspects of her business, such as writing content to help readers plan their vacations and developing her newsletter.

A Continued Partnership For Success

InboxDone has made a significant impact on Katie’s business by helping her manage her email more effectively. With a cleaner inbox and a system in place to handle incoming messages, she can now focus on what truly matters: helping readers plan their vacations. If you too are struggling to manage your inbox, consider InboxDone’s email management services.

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