What Your Inbox Done Assistant Can Do For You


Your dedicated assistant(s) can filter and reply to emails, schedule your calendar, handle all customer support and social media messages, create templates to automate your communication flow and get you down to Inbox Zero every day by replying to all your messages.

But that's only the beginning.

To help show you the scope of how we can help, we've created this menu of services to highlight the different ways we serve our current clients including executive and admin duties — all of which we can do for you!


Respond To All Emails (Inbox Management)

  • Respond for you five days a week, checking in to clear your inboxes multiple times per day
  • We start by writing drafts, so you can always review what we write before we send anything
  • We study your past responses in your inbox to gather information/context and replicate your writing style (formal vs. informal, lengthy vs. concise)
  • We tailor the level and extent of our communication depending on how involved you choose to be
  • We go through hundreds of emails (and social media messages) to look for patterns and create a database of your replies, centered on the most commonly asked questions and comments
  • We adopt your voice and personality as our own so that we can be your extension and representative for your clients/customers/coworkers
  • We filter all inquiries you receive (guest posts, link exchanges, joint ventures, contributions to your blog) and either accept or decline politely, based on your parameters, allowing you to focus on current projects while keeping the door open in case you change your mind
  • You will never need to check your inbox again (if you don’t want to)


Schedule Everything (Calendar Management) 

  • First we determine your scheduling parameters so we know when to RSVP yes or no; do you not want any meeting during your lunch hour? All calls before noon? Nothing on Fridays? We’ll design your dream schedule
  • We handle invitations to meetings, demos, hangouts, coaching calls, interviews and follow up personally with each invite if needed
  • We invite your customers/clients/team members into your calendar by sending them personalized requests
  • We add all necessary details into your calendar event so all you have to do is show up when your calendar says
  • We can confirm all important meetings right before they start and update you if anything needs to be rescheduled at the last minute (or reach out to the attendee if you can’t make the call)
  • If you travel a lot, we’ll make sure your time zone and your guest’s time zone line up for easy scheduling
  • We can even book your tickets/hotel rooms if given clear parameters and budgets
  • We make sure your confirmation/ticket numbers easy to access for a seamless check-in


Customer Support (Help Desk Management)

  • We can manage hundreds to even thousands of support tickets each day, ensuring current customers and potential customers receive timely responses
  • When a customer requests a refund/cancellation via a support ticket, we determine why they want to cancel, responding to their unique rejection points to keep them happy and reduce your refunds/cancellations
  • We identify customer goals and can tailor special offers based on their reply, designed to reduce churn
  • We constantly gather FAQs so you have a growing bank of answers to pull from for commonly asked questions
  • Our team can expand or contract based on your needs, adding additional Inbox Managers during rush periods in your business (holiday shopping for example)
  • We custom onboard all enterprise clients, so we can adapt to become part of your culture and learn what makes your products, services and company unique
  • All enterprise level clients receive a team manager to maintain quality and so you have one point of contact for your customer support department  


Chase Up Overdue Payments/Reduce Churn

  • If there is an issue with a customer or contractor payment (credit card is declined/expired), we resolve the issue and rerun the payment
  • We customize a series of personalized emails sent every few days to remind that payment is due, helping the customer catch any missed payments, thus prolonging their subscription
  • Repeated email reminders often recover payment in a non-threatening way, while keeping them a customer, encouraging them to make contact so we can work out a solution
  • If no payment is made, we let them know we must regretfully close their account and offer them a friendly offer to rejoin us at any time in the future, keeping the relationship open


Follow Up With Leads

  • New customers often need several follow-ups before ever purchasing a service or product. We create a follow-up sequence for your leads/potential clients with very personalized messages sent at regular intervals
  • Lead generation! We can do any amount of proactive research for you if given clear parameters (Looking for podcast guests? We’ll reach out to guests in your industry. Are your clients real estate agents? We’ll Google agents in specific regions and send them personalized emails explaining what you do).
  • We don’t only react like most virtual assistant agencies; we are constantly on the lookout for ways to grow your business so that InboxDone has the potential to pay for itself (or even make you money)
  • We reply to any questions and address any objections, opening a dialogue that may lead to a sale


Refunds & Cancellations

  • When a customer requests a refund/cancellation, we ask for feedback and determine why they want to cancel, boosting retention
  • We identify their goals and tailor a special offer based on their reply, designed to save that customer, focusing on their unique rejection points to keep them happy and reduce your refunds/cancellations


Systematize Your Business

  • Have you always wanted standard operating procedures for every facet of your business? We learn about any existing systems you have and create updated SOPs where needed
  • We create a list of “rules” for how to respond to each of your emails (delete, archive, forward, respond, file, add to calendar, etc.)
  • We create a library of templates that can be used to answer questions in your inbox (we always personalized templates, never send them out cold)
  • We develop a system for you to manage our work and always stay in the loop (these can be daily recaps, weekly recaps, FYI list, or an audio message listing items that still need your attention)
  • We create a “Cheat Sheet” which houses all your important links (categorized)
  • We create your FAQ database for any incoming questions from customers


Work Alongside Your Team

  • We can communicate/work with any of your existing team members to coordinate projects, schedule, organize meetings, ask training questions — anything to minimize your workload
  • We can communicate via email or an outside platform to make sure responsibilities and expectations are always clear and forward emails to appropriate members of your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • We communicate with your tech support, to solve any tech issues that arise
  • If you run several businesses and thus several teams, we can send you daily/weekly recaps that summarize FYIs, complaints/concerns, items requiring your input/action, etc.
  • Don’t have a team? We become your “instant team,” acting as your right hand person, your collaborator, your “double” or second-in-command


Increase Your Conversions

  • When a potential customer expresses interest or asks questions about a product, we quickly identify their goals/pain points and reply with a personalized response
  • We link the benefits and value of your product/service to what they want to achieve, pointing them to specific case studies
  • We send them a welcome email with tutorials or videos on how to get started and use the product to reinforce they made the right decision in purchasing your product/service (reducing the number of refund requests)
  • We can manually enter them into your lists, send them complementary e-books, bonus materials, any other resources
  • We can even tailor special offers for potential customers just to get them in the door (you specify any leeway or parameters)
  • We do all that we can to increase customer satisfaction and boost your sales


Manage Client Success

  • For every new customer/member/subscriber, we send personalized welcome emails, outlining the steps to get started (cuts down on their learning curve so they see the ROI from your product fast
  • For leads unable to afford your services at this time, we point them to your free resources to cultivate the relationship, in case their situation changes in the future
  • We send clients weekly/bi-weekly updates as needed


Track Payments

  • When you receive invoices, we can forward them to you/your accountant/bookkeeper
  • Once payment is confirmed with a receipt, receipts are labeled/filed accordingly
  • If there is an issue with a payment or a credit card is declined, we make sure that you know and work to resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • We track all incoming/outgoing payments as needed for easy annual reconciling


Social Media Inboxes

  • We manage your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook inboxes, responding to questions, concerns and looking for opportunities you might be interested in
  • We add any questions to your bank of commonly asked questions and formulate newsletters and posts around these topics


Social Media Management

  • We reply to social media comments, feedback and questions (and remove anything problematic), strengthening your presence on your pages to increase sales, grow your following, and demonstrate your devotion to your business and customers
  • When customers leave comments or feedback on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn page, we thank them for their continued support, and can also send them a personal message addressing their questions/concerns


Create Newsletters

  • Compiling daily/weekly/monthly newsletters; your Manager can help you build a template for your newsletters, then fill in the template each day/week/month with the points and links you'd like included
  • Roundups: we can gather links/products/events/reviews and send them out in roundups to your audience
  • We can manage any automatic emailing platform (Aweber, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, etc.)
  • We can create newsletters from pre-written content, or edit content that has already been provided
  • We can respond to any questions that come in from readers responding directly to the newsletter so that relationships are cultivated
  • Don’t have a newsletter yet? Let us help you get one started! Newsletters encourage a continuous channel of communication for future promotions, new projects, and more in-depth discussions


Offer Technical Assistance

  • When new customers sign up, we assign them login details as needed
  • If they have technical issues with logging in, we handle basic technical logistics like testing logins on our end and resetting passwords until login is successful
  • We send downloads/replays of coaching calls or webinars as needed
  • We can update your website by creating/editing new posts
  • We respond to website comments (as us or as you), adding a nice note and removing spam when needed


Book Podcast Interviews

  • We respond to podcast interview requests, confirm certain metrics/criteria to make sure this particular podcast is worth your time (based on suitability of the topic and audience)
  • We conduct guest research, we review the websites/social media pages of potential guests and send them a personalized email requesting an interview
  • We can ask them to book into your Calendly link automatically, or manually schedule them into your calendar​​
  • We remind you about the upcoming podcast and make sure you have all the details you need in your calendar
  • We can send any photos and bio a podcast host might need before interviewing you (or collect this information from guests)


Manage Outside Platforms

Do you use outside platforms in addition to your email provider? Below is a list of all the platforms our assistants are currently managing, we add more all the time: 

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Asana
  • Dropbox
  • Voxer
  • Slack
  • Calendly
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Calendly/Acuity
  • Clickfunnels
  • Salesforce
  • Canva
  • Design Pickle
  • Libsyn
  • Lastpass/1Password
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Soundcloud
  • Basecamp
  • Monday
  • Loom
  • Airtable
  • Ontraport
  • FreshDesk
  • Superhuman
  • Sanebox

Don’t see your tools listed here? We can manage almost any platform if it falls within our scope! All of our managers are quick learners and highly adaptable.


Create Case Studies

  • We regularly stay in touch with your current client base to ensure they are satisfied and feel cared for
  • We create templates and questions that outline the information needed for case studies (used as marketing material)
  • We guide current customers through the process of writing a testimonial to ensure all necessary questions are asked
  • If a video testimonial is offered, we schedule the call and make sure the questions are included in the event


Manage Forums/Online Communities

  • When participants of your forum or online community leave questions, we direct them to online
  • Resources, or post a personalized response
  • We encourage relationships by connecting forum members who have similar interests/questions with other forum members
  • We address/remove any negative behavior and monitor any “bullying”
  • We add all questions to your FAQ thread or database in the forum for new members’ future reference
  • We collect forum members questions to be answered on your coaching calls


Organize and Optimize

  • Get you down to ‘Inbox Zero’ right away by taking care of your email backlog (we’ve seen everything from a 40-email pileup to 400k)
  • Create/delete folders/tags, add filters as needed (that send emails to folders or forward them out of your inbox)
  • We designate between important, time-sensitive and lower-priority emails (we call this email triage)
  • Streamline, simplify and consolidate your inbox so every email is easy to locate should you need to reference it


What We Don't Do

  • We don’t do inbound/outbound phone sales. With your assistants’ approval, we can do basic call coordination (for example scheduling things over the phone), but you may need to upgrade your plan so we can provide adequate time coverage.
  • We don’t do intricate technical work (like website design), though you may be surprised by how technically skilled your assistants are.
  • We are not a creative writing or content creation service. We can compile content for you, but you need to provide the source material.
  • We cannot sign documents on your behalf, although we can create/oversee processes that assign signatures to other members of your team.

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