Property Management Virtual Assistants For Real Estate Agents And Property Investors

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Are you a property owner or property manager? 

If so, you know just how much work goes into your investment portfolio or the portfolios of the clients you manage.

In any given day you may encounter a number of issues and responsibilities, including:

Collecting and organizing renter information

Communicating with renters

Filling out forms

Sourcing contractors for repairs

Arranging repairs via email between contractors and tenants

Collecting receipts for expenses and documenting income for tax purposes


Sourcing And Managing New Tenants

There’s a lot of work that goes into finding and vetting individuals to fill vacant properties as well. This includes:

Posting to rental sites to fill vacancies

Reviewing candidate applications

Removing candidates that won’t move forward

Checking information for potentially good renters

Onboarding them into property management software

Signing leases

Informing them of procedures, rules, contact information, etc.

Can you relate to the above?

If you find yourself  dealing with all these tasks on your own, you’re essentially just doing a low-paying job.

However, there are steps you can take to liberate yourself from the day to day tasks...

Property Ownership As A True "Passive Income" Business

You likely began investing in property as a means to develop passive income. Most landlords and investors see rental income as easy payments that continue to grow their wealth over time. Of course, it doesn't take long to find out that's not true.

Managing properties comes with a host of responsibilities. The worst is when you have to deal with troublesome tenants who have constant requests or always pay rent late.

The more properties you manage or the larger your complexes, the more there is to do, especially in regards to maintenance requests. 

Can you relate to the above? If so, the good news is you can outsource many of these needs so all you have to do is watch the rent flow in. How? By delegating these time-consuming and frustrating tasks to property management virtual assistants!

Hire Property Management Virtual Assistants To Make Your Life Easier

The right property management virtual assistants can take over many of your portfolio management tasks for you, and allow you to reap the rewards of your investment. 

More importantly, choosing to enlist the help of a virtual property management assistant can give you the freedom to pursue what matters most in life. Whether this means spending more time with the family, getting to the gym, or tackling passion projects, your life is in your hands.

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What Property Management Virtual Assistants Can Do For You

When you’re looking for a virtual assistant property manager, you want someone you can effectively hand off your work to. The right property management assistant can be quite versatile, taking on a range of tasks.

A well trained assistant can manage tasks like: 

Updating tenant records in property management software

Scheduling all regular maintenance, property inspections, reminders for paying taxes/fees

Posting ads to find new tenants, screen tenants, tenant background checks, and chasing up rent payments

Working with you closely and updating you via phone calls or chat tools like Slack or WhatsApp

Onboarding new clients and their properties, disbursing invoices, tracking and reporting repairs and other expenses so owners stay up to date (if you manage properties on the behalf of clients)

Encouraging referrals from existing clients to bring in new ones, running marketing campaigns on social media to attract prospects, and helping you grow your business

So no matter what you need support with, you’ll find property management virtual assistants are an invaluable asset to your portfolio or property management business. 

Why Hire InboxDone Virtual Executive Assistants To Help You Manage Properties

While our company speciality is email management, because property management is mostly conducted over email and the internet, our team are well positioned to take over most of your property management tasks.

This is especially the case because we focus on hiring people with high attention to detail and the ability to understand the big picture and context of your operation. This is not an easy skillset to find in virtual assistants, but it's absolutely vital when handling something as personal and important as emails and property management.

Our virtual property management assistants are hired for their attention to detail, superior written communication, patience, and emotional empathy. They can handle even the most difficult of tenants.

Customer service is number one, so we understand the need to treat your tenants like the customers of your business -- which they are! Our virtual assistant property managers understand this and seek to provide your tenants with the best possible support. 

All of our virtual property management assistants have English as their first language. We do not hire low-cost overseas virtual contractors. Our team consists of executive-level support staff, US-based and educated.

We build systems for you and streamline whatever software and processes you already have in place. We've been building systems and making life more efficient for small business owners for over five years, so we have a proven formula!

If you’re looking for high-value property management virtual assistants, look no further than InboxDone!

What Makes InboxDone Assistants Different?

What differentiates property management virtual assistants at InboxDone from other agencies? There are a few systems that we use to truly make a difference. Let’s take a closer look at these... 

1. We assign two assistants to every client.

All our clients are paired with two property management virtual assistants from day one. This guarantees you’ll still have one assistant working should the other need time off for family emergencies, to recover from illness or injury, or for holidays.

The last thing you want is to have all the tasks fall back on your lap if your assistant stops working.

In addition to getting double coverage, having two assistants makes it so you don’t have to train a new assistant should one leave, as the other is familiar with your property management needs and can train the replacement.

2. We “clone you” with our handover process.

Our dedicated handover process makes it so both you and our assistants gradually adjust to this new way of working. Rather than simply diving in, our property management virtual assistants become more acquainted with your systems, tackle some of your backlog of work, and begin to take on more tasks over time. 

This allows our team to become familiar with your management needs, and helps you to become more comfortable with them until you can delegate more of your tasks. We’ll schedule a meeting with you once you see how this arrangement works. Then we’ll discuss what kind of support you need moving forward. 

3. Our 10-step hiring process filters through talent to find and hire the top 1%.

Using our 10-step hiring process, we thoroughly vet and train prospective assistants as we guide them through the following process.


A written application:

We assess an applicant’s skillsets via a written application and situational prompt.


A filtering process for applications:

Our Matching Manager reviews applicants to filter out only the top talent and responses out of those we receive.


A video response:

We provide applicants with a two-minute video prompt to evaluate professionalism, friendliness, problem-solving skills, and empathy.


A bio and background check:

The applicants write a short bio about themselves that we review. We also conduct a background check.


An interview with the hiring manager:

Applicants interview with our Hiring Manager so we can better determine whether or not they’re a good fit for the work that we do.


A reference check:

We conduct a reference check to see what past employers have to say about their performance.


An entire application review:

Our full application review allows us to evaluate every step of the process up to this point to ensure that they’re the best of the best.


LastPass training:

We provide LastPast training as it is a vital tool in keeping client data secure.


A training email assignment:

Our training email assignment allows us to assess their performance in a real-world scenario if we match them with a client.


And an online training course:

The online training course is a pass/fail course that acts as the final assessment to gauge whether or not an applicant is prepared for the job and how well they’re able to retain the information needed to support clients.

How To Get Started


Book your discovery call so we can learn more about your portfolio management needs.


We match you with two property management virtual assistants to help you manage properties and find new tenants.


They take over for you and you benefit from your property investments!

See What Others Have To Say About InboxDone

Kyle Chittock, Owner: Bolton e-Bikes

Kyle understands the need of having somewhere to manage the human side of things. Making sure that he was available to quickly respond to queries and manage any issues was something that was important to him. With the support of his InboxDone Manager, Jessica, he was able to not only make this a reality, but thrive. 


“She’s bringing back good customer service, answering the way that I would want things answered, and my customers have noticed… Now, I work at work, and when I’m at home, I can spend time with my family… I would not have been able to handle [my growth] without Jessica.”

Christie Pitts, General Partner & Chacho Valadez, Principal: Backstage Capital

Christie and Chacho found themselves inundated with work and communications. With the support of InboxDone virtual assistants, they were able to streamline their workflow and simplify their approach to business. 


“At any given point in time, more work could come in [to the inbox] and it would just pile up and pile up… Inbox Done has helped me get what I need that’s important versus me knowing every single detail.”

InboxDone Property Management Virtual Assistants FAQs

1. How much does it cost? How many hours do I get? Can I cancel at any time?

We offer multiple subscription plans ranging from $895/month to $2,995/month and 22.5 hours per month and 75 hours per month. All of our clients begin on our Standard Plan, which costs $1,795/month and covers 45 hours per month. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

2. How do I communicate with my assistants?

Whether you love apps like Slack or prefer email, our property management virtual assistants will familiarize themselves with any communication platform to keep things easy for you.

3. How independent are my assistants? Can they complete tasks without me needing to keep checking in on them?

Your property management virtual assistants are highly independent and able to complete tasks without constant supervision. There is an initial adjustment period, but the handover process will ensure they can manage your tasks on their own in due time!

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