InboxDone Review: Justin Brooke Founder Of

Client: Justin Brooke, AdSkills

Focus: Justin is the founder of AdSkills, an agency that helps train people to become advertising managers. He always struggled to find and train the right assistant to handle his email. 

What Life Was Like Before InboxDone

I’ve read all the books. They say you can automate your email away. There is no perfect automation strategy.

Justin is a self-proclaimed email hater. He tried everything to manage his email, but ultimately, he knew it was something he did not want to spend his valuable time doing himself. 

This was especially confirmed when he began to note the time he spent in his email inbox. 

When he actually measured it, he found he spent 2.5 hours a day on email. 

He did the math in his head – 18 hours a week. Almost 1,000 hours a year. It was then he knew he had to do something about it. 

Justin’s inbox was full of subscriptions, internet marketers newsletters, and promotional messages he didn’t want anything to do with. 

I just wanted out of there, it was always about somebody else’s agenda,” he said. 

How An Inbox Manager Changed Justin’s Life

Many entrepreneurs turn to virtual assistants to recoup their time. This was Justin’s initial approach. 

I always struggled with being able to find the right assistant, to train them. 

As Justin puts it, email is an intimate thing. There may be complex threads woven in and out of your inbox, and it’s intimidating to allow someone else access to those kinds of messages. But to Justin, it was well worth it to hand over the keys. 

“It was such a boom in my productivity, I had to let go.”

Once Justin established a relationship with his inbox manager Carly, his worries were gone and his time was recouped. The distance from his inbox allowed him perspective on what was really worth his time. What he realized was, his inbox was full of things that really didn’t move his business forward at all.

“People are jealous. I check my email once a week.” 

Justin’s inbox is taken care of by his inbox manager, and anything important he needed to know about was communicated to him using Slack chat or mobile phone text message, his preferred communication methods.

Now, instead of 2.5 hours a day, Justin only spends 30 minutes a week on email. 

Change Your Life With Your Own Inbox Manager

Have you ever really examined how much time your inbox is taking away from meaningful work, like Justin did?

Maybe your inbox is like Justin’s. It’s full of requests for your time or subscriptions you don’t want, and it isn’t moving your business forward. 

Or maybe, your inbox is full of things that could move your business forward – you just don’t have the time to address these things due to inbox overflow. 

Whatever the case, our inbox managers are top-of-their-class communicators who have been thoroughly trained to manage even the most challenging and sensitive of inboxes. 

Learn more about applying for one of our inbox managers here.