Inbox Done Review: Lynda Artesani, Founder of Artesani Accounting

Client: Lynda Artesani, Founder of Artesani Accounting

Focus: Artesani Accounting is a specialized accounting service for law firms.

What Life Was Like Before Inbox Done

As you can imagine, back and forth communication with law firms and attorneys can get overwhelming. For Lynda, email was a constant distraction that interrupted her busy day.

Before Inbox Done, she tried outsourcing her email to a general virtual assistant. However, some miscommunication with messaging and the organization of her inbox ended up making things more complicated.

They (the assistant) came up with the idea of creating a bunch of different email inboxes, one per client, which I affectionately called the place where emails go to die. There was a bunch of stuff in there that I never ever looked at.

In the end, Lynda didn’t have enough time in her day to address all the emails in her inbox. She needed a more efficient way to respond to clients.

For me, it was the overwhelm. I didn’t like my email. I didn’t like how it was interrupting my day. I had specific goals and tasks I wanted to accomplish. Everything else just kept getting put aside because I didn’t have the time or hours in my day to do it.

How Working With Specialist Inbox Managers Changed Lynda’s Workflow

Before taking over her inbox, the email management team assigned by InboxDone simply observed her current workflow. For the first month, we watched how she responded to replicate her particular voice and learn more about her.

Lynda had high praise for the collaboration of her team of email assistants, noting how well they worked in tandem.

The one thing I really appreciated [about] working with them, was that they started in the beginning by diving into my email and found things I forgot to answer or forgot to put on my calendar, and they helped me get those things done.

And they’re not just covering my email. They’re working in my (Microsoft) Teams folders. They’re working in my platform Liscio. So there’s a lot of places that they’re actually monitoring for me.

In addition to organizing Lynda’s workflow so she sees only the most important or sensitive emails, our team helped her develop better habits in letting go.

They had to coddle me through letting go of the things coming across my screen. They walked me into it very gently because they knew my patterns were to answer the question as soon as it hit my inbox… and they did it so well that I’m good now.

Lynda’s email assistants have rescued her mornings and given her back valuable time to pursue other passions.

I’ve actually started to work on those projects that I just never had time for that are pretty important but I’ve always pushed aside.

I’ve been working on courses. I’m making courses to teach accountants how to work in the legal industry and I just never had the time to do it. 

Change Your Life With Your Own Inbox Manager

It takes dedication to let go of old workflows and habits you may not know you have. With the help of a personal team of email assistants, it’s not only easier to identify these habits, but they can also help you develop new better habits and give you back time.

Lynda learned how to break free from email notifications, retrained her client expectations on how emails are replied to, and freed up an extra few hours every day.

Are you interested in freeing up your own mornings or evenings or even your entire day? Book a discovery call so we can explore what life with an email assistant could look like for you.