InboxDone Co-founder Yaro Appears On The ‘Steal From the Best’ Podcast

Our co-founder Yaro recently stopped by as a guest on the Steal From the Best podcast

Run by entrepreneurs Andrew Hodd and Brad Semontiuk, Steal From the Best gives listeners engaging conversations filled with practicable business and life advice. 

Both Andrew and Brad have a wealth of experience in founding their own companies and enterprises. Through their podcast they seek to explore the minds of other successful entrepreneurs, hoping to steal an idea or two for their audience.

In speaking with Yaro, they began by exploring his journey with blogging around the dot-com boom and how his digital business experience helped inspire (and maintain) the dream of a nomadic lifestyle. 

Yaro then shared his insights on the role delegation and partnerships have played in his business ventures. 

He identified hiring as essential in getting over a potential fear of delegating.

The biggest hack I can give anyone who doesn’t like hiring is to hire someone to hire for you. 

He continued:

Letting go of the control and finding the best fit people is the hard part.

Our email assistants are carefully selected with this in mind. After all, delegating to someone you trust is at the heart and soul of InboxDone – just ask Cary.

If the idea of breaking free from your inbox is something you’d like to explore, we’d be happy to talk.  Book a discovery call with us today and we’ll see how delegation can help your business grow.