Inbox Done Review: Cary Richards, Co-Founder of

Client: Cary Richards, Co-Founder of

Focus: InfoStack curates the highest quality tools and resources from top instructors, thought leaders, and experts around the world that users can redeem instantly and keep forever.

What Life Was Like Before Inbox Done

Email outreach is the lifeblood of InfoStack. 

The business revolves around finding top-rated e-courses, e-books, and resources that comprise the InfoStacks, which are then offered at special discount deals. This means Cary’s work involves a lot of cold outreach. 

Cary and his team do cold outreach to potential contributors to the InfoStack deals. Once a person becomes a contributor they are enrolled in an affiliate email sequence. They also run newsletter campaigns, among other various email sequences.

All of these sequences trigger emails back into the inboxes of the InfoStack team. This creates a stream of incoming emails that all need to be addressed in order to maintain the quality of the InfoStack library.

Cary’s partner Tom Morkes had previously worked with an email assistant, but Cary himself needed someone to assist him with the nonstop flow of inbound emails. 

There is no way that I could handle [email] and do everything else that I need to be doing.

How An Inbox Manager Changed Cary’s Workflow

“Carly has come on and done an outstanding job at helping us with our inbox and also at helping us with outreach and follow up.”

Their email assistant sends out emails to past contributors, cold outreach to potential contributors, and manage inbound emails that those emails create. Both the admin and support emails are managed by an email assistant. 

Cary is the face of the company. As a result of his handing email over to an email assistant, his time has been freed up to:

  • Work more intentionally with contributors
  • Curate the best quality content
  • Perfect his outreach to their partners

In Order to Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business, You Need to Delegate Email

Do you want to stay where you’re at or do you want to scale your business? Do you want to work on your business or in your business? In order to do that you need to hire people to get stuff done for you, to help you actually run the business.

Cary now has the freedom to grow his business much larger and more effectively than he could when his time was consumed by responding to emails. 

His advice to anyone hesitant to turn over their email? 

“If you’re feeling overwhelmed by email, you probably need someone to take that task over.”

By recognizing what he needed to delegate – email – Cary has been able to experience growth, and a better grasp on his business. 

If you want to start working on your business, not in your business, you can apply for your own email assistant here.