Email Support Outsourcing Services (4 Key Benefits)

Email support outsourcing services are the ultimate productivity hack for executives who constantly find themselves wrestling with their workloads.

What does efficient work really look like?

This question isn’t asked anywhere near enough.

“Forty-hour workweeks are a relic of the Industrial Age. Knowledge workers function like athletes — train and sprint, then rest and reassess.” (Naval Ravikant)

This quote reflects the need to have short bursts of productivity before indulging in mind-recharging breaks.

Research studies have found this to have a remarkable effect on human productivity.

When your desk is overflowing with an ever-growing workload, it’s difficult to imagine that taking a step back could actually help you move forward.

That’s where email support outsourcing services come in.

By delegating some of your email correspondence to an expert team, you can focus on the tasks that require your attention the most and make real progress in your work.

Straight off the bat, here are a few key benefits of email support outsourcing services:

  • Offer speedy responses to customers
  • Improve your overall customer satisfaction
  • Focus your time on high-value tasks
  • Convert new leads quickly

We’ll break these down in more detail later on. But first, let’s take a step back and consider what outsourcing email communication means in practice.

What are email support outsourcing services?

Delegating your email correspondence to a third-party

Email support outsourcing services are, quite simply, the act of delegating some or all of your email correspondence to a third-party company. This company will then manage your email communications on your behalf, responding to customers, answering their queries, and dealing with any other customer service issues that may arise.

Direct access to your email account

An email virtual assistant will have direct access to your email account and will act as your customer service representative, dealing with all of your customer queries and requests. Email support outsourcing services are the perfect solution for busy executives who find themselves bogged down by their ever-growing workloads and unable to focus on high-value tasks.

Responding to internal and external queries

In many cases, an email virtual assistant can also respond to queries from internal stakeholders and play a pivotal role in keeping your operations moving. A delayed response to a single email can have real ramifications for your business, so it’s essential to have a system in place to ensure that all email correspondence is dealt with promptly to eliminate potential bottlenecks.

Prevent slow responses from stalling work progress

When team members are eagerly waiting for information from you to progress with tasks, a quick response is essential to maintaining high levels of productivity. It’s easy to allow your inbox to bend and mold your schedule. If you are spending all day putting out fires, it’s tough to get any real work done. After all, is responding to an email the best use of your time?

When should you outsource email support?

If any of the following statements apply to you, it’s time to consider outsourcing your email support:

  • Unable to focus on high-value, meaningful tasks
  • Overwhelmed by an unwieldy inbox every morning
  • Holding back team members with your slow responses
  • Allowing prospects to go cold with slow communication
  • Constantly on the back foot and trying to catch up
  • Wasting valuable time dealing with non-urgent emails

Sure, we all have days where our inbox seems to be winning the battle. But if you find yourself in a constant state of email overwhelm, it’s time to consider making a change.

While many assume training an email virtual assistant to confidently handle responses is a near-impossible task, the reality is that it’s relatively straightforward. An effective email management service will have all the right systems and procedures in place to take control.

Why use an email support outsourcing service?

“If you want to be wealthy, spend your time earning, learning, or relaxing. Outsource or ignore everything else.” (Naval Ravikant)

Yes, that’s the second quote from Naval Ravikant in this blog article. His words perfectly sum up why email support outsourcing services are so beneficial.

In a world where we’re all constantly plugged in, it’s easy to get caught up in a never-ending battle with our inboxes. We’ve become glued to our email notifications, checking our inboxes obsessively to brace for the tsunami of inbound mail heading our way at any moment.

It’s also worth considering the opportunity cost of not outsourcing your email support.

As professionals, we should always consider the importance of playing positive-sum games.

Outsourcing email is an inherently positive-sum game. You’re paying someone to do a task that’s draining your valuable time and energy, so you can focus on more important things.

1 – Offer speedy responses to customers

Customers today expect brands to offer near-instant responses to their queries. If they don’t receive a timely response, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere.

2 – Improve your overall customer satisfaction

By outsourcing your email support, you can improve your customer satisfaction levels by ensuring that all queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

3 – Focus your time on high-value tasks

Pouring your attention into email correspondence is a low-value use of your time. By outsourcing email support to a third-party service, you can free up your time to focus on more important tasks that will have a greater impact on your business.

4 – Convert new leads quickly

When you outsource email support, you can ensure that all new leads are contacted quickly and efficiently. This is essential for converting leads into customers.

Email Outsourcing Services (How To Get Started)

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