Email Management Services (Why Founders Leverage Virtual Executive Assistants)

Swamped with emails? Virtual executive assistants play a pivotal role in enabling startup founders to regain control of their inboxes by managing email communications on their behalf. With dozens of emails landing in your inbox every waking hour, it’s easy to miss time-sensitive messages or overlook opportunities. This is where email management services come in.

For startup founders, engaging in deep work and maintaining high focus during the workday is essential to success. Emails largely drag founders away from high-value tasks that require their absolute attention. The compounding effect of daily email distractions can detrimentally impact the growth trajectory of startups and create absent, ineffective founders.

“Most geniuses—especially those who lead others—prosper not by deconstructing intricate complexities but by exploiting unrecognized simplicities.”
– Andy Benoit

Email Management Services (Why Do They Matter?)

Distractions are the greatest barrier to meaningful productivity. Research by Gloria Mark suggests that we often switch activities every few minutes. Frequent interruptions cause us to work faster, which inevitably leads to increased stress and pressure. This can eventually spiral out of control, making it difficult to return to a state of flow.

The opportunity cost of constant email checking is monumental. It’s not just the time spent reading and responding to messages that’s costly, it’s the loss of focus and concentration when we’re interrupted by a new message notification.

An email management service is an integral piece of the puzzle for protecting time and focus. By handing over the task of sorting through emails, startup founders can free up precious minutes, hours, and even days to work on higher-value tasks. This is the power of delegation.

“Deep work” is described by Georgetown professor Cal Newport as “the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task.” He continued by saying “[deep work] allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time.” Momentum is essential for startups. The ability to focus and move quickly creates a competitive edge.

When you are driving a vehicle and gaining speed, you build up momentum. If you come across an obstacle as you progress along the road, you will need to hit the breaks and come to a halt. Once the obstacle is cleared, it will take time to build up speed and momentum again. When you are constantly interrupted by emails, you are effectively putting the brakes on your productivity.

Outsourced Executive Assistant For Email (5 Key Benefits)

While there are a number of email management tools available on the market, they pale in comparison to the benefits of engaging a human being to manage email communications.

Here are five key benefits of outsourcing this task to a virtual executive assistant:

Regain control of your workday

A virtual executive assistant can help you take back control of your workday by managing your email inbox. This will free up valuable time so you can pour your attention into high-impact tasks. With an assistant handling email, a weight is lifted off of your shoulders, and you can finally dedicate the time needed to break new ground and push your startup further.

Achieve speedy email response times

Rather than putting time aside to craft detailed email responses to stakeholders, a virtual executive assistant will send meaningful replies without delay. This is crucial for maintaining strong relationships and ensuring that no opportunities are missed. This means you no longer need to place email responses on the backburner and delay important communication.

Offer consistent customer support

Customer satisfaction can rest on the quality of support they receive. A virtual executive assistant will help you deliver consistent, high-quality customer support by responding to customer queries in a timely and professional manner. This will build trust and confidence in your brand, inspiring retention and resulting in loyal customers.

Engage in deep work without distractions

To create an environment where deep work is possible, it’s important to minimize distractions. A virtual executive assistant can help you do this by managing your email inbox and identifying any urgent requests that need your attention. This way, you can remain focused on your work and avoid the constant interruptions that come with managing email communications yourself.

Clone yourself with an executive assistant

Yes, with the right email management services in your corner, you can quite literally “clone” yourself. Your executive assistant will get to know your preferences and the way you like to communicate. This means they can act on your behalf, sending replies and taking care of tasks that would normally require your attention. As a result, you can focus on the things that matter most to you and leave all the heavy lifting in your inbox to a fully-trained assistant.

Hiring An Executive Assistant For Email Management

Some founders are hesitant to give up control of their inboxes, fearing that an assistant will miss important messages or fail to understand the nuances of their business. However, with the right executive assistant in your corner, you can regain control of your workday and achieve higher levels of productivity. InboxDone is well-equipped to offer email management services.

We partner every startup founder with two dedicated assistants. Why? Because this ensures you always have access to a fully-trained email assistant that understands the nuances of your business. This is coupled with a truly unique ‘hand over’ process – where our email assistants gain an understanding of your business and how to approach email replies.

Oh, and the best bit? We only recruit top-tier talent. Our 10-step recruitment process identifies English native speakers with exceptional communication skills. We want to partner you with the very best in the business. These executive assistants are masters at scaling the unscalable. Once we “clone” you, these assistants will become an integral part of your operations.

Are you ready to get the ball rolling? Let’s explore how we can integrate an email management virtual assistant into your business. Book a call with us today!