8 New Virtual Assistant Services We Can Help You With

Over the last few months our content team have been busy putting together new pages to explain different services we offer on top of our industry-leading email assistants.

All clients come to us initially for help with email management, but almost always we expand to support you in other ways. To help clarify what kind of work we already do for clients and how we may help you, we’ve put together the following pages to break down different service offerings.

All of these options are available to you at no extra cost. In many cases we take over these extra tasks during the process of taking over your inboxes, or they are added services after you’ve gained trust with your InboxDone assistants.

If you’re an existing client and you want help with any of these things, simply ask to delegate these tasks to your InboxDone assistants. If you’re a potential new client and you want to know more about how these services could help you, book a discovery call.

Here is a breakdown of each service…

  • Email Management: This is not a new service, but we added a page specifically to explain our core service. If you want to break free from all your emails, let us manage your inboxes and write replies for you.
  • Calendar Scheduling: Most of our clients ask us to take over calendar scheduling from the start of our service. This includes making new bookings, coordinating changes and collecting information for meetings, so you just have to show up with everything else done for you.
  • Executive Assistant Services: The term ‘Executive Assistant’ is a catch-all title for a person you can delegate many tasks to, who has executive support skills. Our InboxDone assistants are fully trained as Executive Assistants, so you can delegate all related tasks to them, not just email. 
  • Customer Service: It’s common for us to handle all customer service for clients via email, however we can go further, including managing your existing help desk software, or setting one up for you, and then replying to all customer support tickets. Your InboxDone assistants can also deliver customer service via social media channels, making us a cross-channel customer support solution.
  • Social Media Management: We can take over replying to comments and direct messages sent to you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat or any platform you communicate with. This also includes dealing with the snarky comments left to your social media ads.
  • Data Entry: This can be a time consuming yet vital task, so let us handle all your data entry needs. When we hire our team one of the top qualities we look for is attention to detail, which is critical for accurate data entry.
  • Research Assistants: Every business needs to conduct research to make informed decisions, to present data during meetings to win clients, or for use in marketing content. Your InboxDone assistants can research, collect and curate information and data for you, saving you hundreds of hours.
  • Assistants For Coaches: We have several clients who are coaches/experts/influencers, who sell courses, ebooks, membership sites, run events, and coach in person or online. If you are a coach who needs help supporting your customers and community, we are here to help.
  • Real Estate Assistants: Whether you are a real estate agent or property manager, our assistants can take over many of your day-to-day tasks, including email replies, sourcing and vetting tenants, coordinating with contractors for repairs, and chasing up rent.

You can also find a handy summary of many of the most common tasks we complete for clients that we can also do for you, listed on our All Services page.