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Your discovery call is booked. Please check your email for confirmation details and the link to the Zoom room for your call.

Email if you have any questions or to make changes. 

How To Prepare For Your Call

All you need to bring is yourself. No screen share required.

The call is conducted over Zoom. The link has been sent to your email.

During the call you can explain what kind of email you deal with and other areas you require help, and we will go over how our service works.

We will also ask you what your ideal outcome is, so you should think about this in advance.

  • Do you never want to go into your inbox again?
  • How frequently do you want your email assistant to update you?
  • What really matters to you when it comes to your email?

Other topics we can review include privacy, security, price, integration with your team, how frequently to clear your inbox, our hiring standards and more.


Email Was My To-Do List — Not Anymore!

“I used email as a to-do list, a way to organize undone action items. Now that we have InboxDone support, it is much more streamlined and I feel like the inbox is being taken care of. ”

- Christie Pitts, General partner,


I've Regained 2.5 Hours A Day

"People Are Jealous! I check my email once a week. I went from 10+ hours (doing email per week) to maybe a half an hour. It’s been amazing."

- Justin Brooke,


You've Got To Take This Step

“Just the weight off my shoulders is amazing. It’s hugely important for my sanity. If you really want to grow your business, you have to do this.”

- Kathy Broady,


I Felt Like I Got A Piece Of My Life Back

"Now, I work at work, and when I’m at home, I can spend time with my family."

- Kyle Chittock,

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Your Service Cost?
Our pricing page has all the answers.

How Many Emails Can You Handle?
As many as you have! We've cleared inboxes with tens of thousands of emails. We don't charge per email or per inbox, and we are very good at creating an efficient process to keep you at inbox zero every day.

I Work In A Private Industry (Medical, Legal, Finance, etc), How Can You Keep My Client Info Confidential?
We've worked with doctors, lawyers, venture capitalists and many others, and always build a tailored solution to meet your privacy and security needs. This can include separate email accounts that only you access for private information. We have a lawyer-approved NDA and contracts that protect your privacy.

What Can And Can't You Do?
Our primary speciality is email and social media message management. However, in many cases we branch out to help clients in other ways. See our services page for a list of potential things we can do for you, or ask during your discovery call.

What Qualifications Do You Have?
While many virtual assistant services hire contractors from India and the Philippines for dirt cheap ($5 an hour), we don't. Our team is hand-picked from US college educated, English as a first language, communication specialists, and we pay them well. Every team member completes our in-house training program specifically built to teach our email management system and build skills for working with busy clients.