Inbox Done Success Story Chris Barnes Appears On Yaro’s Podcast

Chris Barnes became an Inbox Done client at the start of 2019. He was a one-man-show entrepreneur drowning in the success of his subscription escape room board game business, Escape The Crate

During his initial discovery call, it quickly became apparent that Chris had a unique business, one that I was personally very interested to learn more about.

Over the next few months, our Inbox Done team carefully onboarded Chris and began to take over 95% of his customer service email needs. Chris was very happy to work with us and we were just as happy to work with him (see his client success case study interview here).

Once things were running smoothly, I thought it was a good time to invite Chris on to my podcast so he could share more about how he started his business. I’m happy to announce that his interview is now live, ready to listen to here: