Terms And Conditions Of Contractor Buyout

Although rare, sometimes our clients are so excited about who we've matched them with that they decide to hire their Inbox Manager as a full-time employee.

Alternatively if you are a current client who wishes to refer the services of an assistant that is working with you to another individual outside of your company, this process must be completed via InboxDone according to the non-solicitation clause outlined in our Terms Of Service (6.3 and 6.4).

If this is the path you'd like to pursue, the following steps outline our standard process:

  1. Book a call with InboxDone (here). Before speaking with your Manager about the possibility of full-time employment, we ask that you discuss the transition with us first to confirm all necessary details.
  2. Book a call with your Manager. Ultimately, it is up to your Manager if they would like to become an employee of your business. About 50% of our Managers accept employment opportunities (when offered), though some decline.
  3. Sign the contract. Once your Manager has accepted the position, the buyout contract is signed by you (the client) and InboxDone. The contract is simply a copy of the terms outlined below. It also includes the time requirements needed for successful offboarding.
  4. Pay the buyout fee. There is a $12,000 buyout fee required for all direct hires. This one-time fee covers the significant investment we make in each Manager, including recruiting, vetting, onboarding, training, and matching, plus ongoing professional support — all the steps that have made them someone you want to hire. It also covers the potential loss of recurring revenue from any other clients your Manager may be currently working with. The fee covers the time involved to recruit, vet, onboard, train and match replacement for your assistant's other client accounts (though there is still no guarantee that these other clients will choose to continue with a different manager). The buyout fee is non-negotiable, though it can potentially be reduced with referral payouts
  5. Last day assigned, offboarding begins. The reassignment period cannot begin until the buyout fee is processed. Once payment is made and the contract is signed, InboxDone will select an official last day for your Manager. The time frame listed in the Client Service Agreement stipulates a maximum period of 120 days. This gives us a clear deadline to work toward and ensures a smooth transition for all parties. The buyout fee does not replace your subscription fee during the offboarding period. NOTE: Your subscription fee will continue to recur until the offboarding period is complete (in addition to the buyout fee) to cover a) the hours your manager uses to train replacements, b) training hours billed by each replacement manager, and c) the continuation of your standard inbox management so there is no lapse in your service.

If you currently have two Inbox Managers on your account but only want to hire one, you can either a) continue to work with the second Manager through InboxDone on a lower monthly plan, or b) have us reassign your second manager to a different client account effective immediately. 

These terms will be validly executed by making a manual payment of the provided invoice, and/or once you (the Client) has authorized InboxDone to charge the card on file. A signed copy of this Agreement may also be sent to your email on file, as well as a receipt confirming payment.

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