Your First Month With InboxDone

Why We Start On The Standard Plan

Whether you're brand new to InboxDone, or would like a team member to join your existing account, every new client begins on our Standard Plan so we have time to familiarize ourselves with your inbox and its related processes.

The first month is always the most time intensive, since it involves the initial phases of inbox optimization, studying previous emails and creating rules and responses. This extra time also allows us to offer more training and support meetings for your assigned assistants, which are highly valuable for accelerating your progress. 

The Standard Plan also covers everything that happens on our end to find you fantastic talent. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Our 10 step hiring process
    This is an extensive filtering and evaluation process that includes a full online training course each assistant must complete before being assigned an inbox.

  • Assistant Matching

    Our dedicated Matching Manager reviews all your detailed information to find assistants that are an ideal fit for your particular business and unique goals. Since a dedicated assistant is a long-term commitment, we take time to ensure that we find you a team that meets your required availability, personality, and skillsets.

  • Onboarding Call

    This is typically an hour long call directed by our Onboarding Manager, which is then carefully reviewed by each potential assistant we're evaluating as a match.

  • Intro Call

    A dedicated call attended by our Client Success Manager and your new assistants. This call allows us to establish and review check-in times and log into your inboxes/external platforms. 

  • Studying Your Business

    In addition to studying your Onboarding Call and any other information you've provided, your assistants also proactively study your websites and social media platforms to gain a broader understanding of your needs.

  • Action Plan

    A customized Action Plan is created by your team of assistants. This serves to create a trajectory for progress and also highlights our recommended solutions to your expressed pain points.

  • Team Support

    During your first month of service, your assistants will receive a weekly support call from our internal team to review progress, troubleshoot, and provide general support. They'll also receive daily feedback, since we carefully review every recap shared with you in the first thirty days to ensure you're receiving the highest ROI from our service. While our support of your assistants continues on an ongoing basis, the first thirty days requires the most concentrated level of dedicated support.

Questions? Email us at, or text us at (209) 732-6344. We'd love to connect!