New Client Action Plan

As you review the Onboarding Call, fill in the answers below (use N/A when needed). 

It helps to review the Action Plan before watching the Onboarding call so you know what to listen for, then fill in the answers as you listen.

NOTE: This Action Plan will be reviewed directly by the client.

Always write your answers with the client's perspective in mind and use the client's name in your responses (instead of writing "the client").

Demonstrate that you understand the client's pain points and offer some ideas on how to solve these (several Managers use a "Problem/Answer" format in their responses). 

Log whatever time it takes to complete the plan on your time sheet (usually 1 hour on average), which counts toward your hours on this client's account. If this is your first time completing an Action Plan, please review this tutorial.

Please finish/submit the Action Plan before the client's start date and double-check to make sure all contact information is correct.

Thank you for all you do!