We Explore All Aspects Of Inbox Management On The Eventual Millionaire Podcast

I had the pleasure of joining Jaime Masters, host of the long-running Eventual Millionaire Podcast, to talk to her about how to manage your email inbox.

You can listen in to our interview here: 

Jaime had so many questions about how to break free from email. We covered a lot of different topics, including:

  • The email management system that no longer requires you
  • How to perfect your inbox management system
  • How to free up several hours during the week by doing this one thing

This is also a fantastic podcast to listen to if you want to learn what happens when you hire InboxDone.com to help with your email.

Jaime was very curious about how our training process works, how we hire email managers and other behind-the-scenes aspects of our company.

Enjoy the podcast!