Laurie Palau From Simply B Organized Interviews InboxDone Founder Claire Giovino

Laurie Palau, founder of Simply B Organized, recently invited our InboxDone co-founder Claire Giovino to the This ORGANIZED Life show to talk about:

  • The psychology behind compulsively checking email and how to break ingrained habits.
  • How email disrupts deep focus and reduces productivity
  • Why email is often the only thing successful professionals don’t outsource, which takes time away from the things that truly matter most (product creation, partnerships, personal growth, family, travel, etc.)

On the show, Claire also shares actionable advice for individuals and parents who are not only juggling work emails, but also managing personal email. Add in all the emails related to kids and family and you are left feeling as though you are drinking from a firehouse!

Our conversation includes tips on how to:

  • Set up filters to weed out unwanted email
  • Create folders to keep your emails organized
  • How to avoid treating your email like a to-do list

Whether you work outside or inside the home, email is another mode of communication that can easily become clutter, but it doesn’t have to. Below are some statistics that demonstrate the impact email has on productivity, time, and concentration.

Interesting Stats about email:

  • Business owners currently spend 650 hours/year (or 13 hrs/week) on email, mostly on reactive, low-value work (McKinsey Global Institute)
  • Corporate professionals spend 1/3 of their office time on email and 1/2 of the time they work at home inside their inbox (Carleton University)
  • It takes 23 minutes to return to deep focus after an interruption (Harvard Business School)